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Environmentalist Bill McKibben reacts to Muller recognition of warming, The War and Peace Report, Democracy Now! (08/02/12)



Physicist Richard Muller on affirmation of human-induced global warming, The War and Peace Report, Democracy Now! (08/02/12)



Major increase in birth defects in Iraqi city of Fallujah, Inside Story Americas, Al Jazeera (08/01/12)



Top officials describe chaos on the border following Obama amnesty, Senator Sessions press conference (07/26/12)



National Security Agency whistle-blowers on illegal domestic surveillance, Viewpoint, Current TV (07/23/12)



Matt Taibbi on trillions stolen through Libor rate-fixing, Democracy Now! (07/19/12)



Richard Duncan on "creditism" and the new depression, Squawk Box Europe, CNBC (07/16/12)



Epic drought in the U.S. breadbasket, NBC Nightly News (07/16/12)



Police state UK on display for London Olympics, NBC Nightly News (07/13/12)



Nouriel Roubini explains pitfalls of unchecked greed and coming storm of 2013, Bloomberg (07/07/12)



Climate change and the unprecedented wildfire season, NBC Nightly News (07/05/12)



Ed Herman discusses "humanitarian imperialism," The Real News Network (07/02/12)

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Ed Herman discusses the formation of his world view, The Real News Network (07/01/12)

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Agora Financial's Byron King talks depletion of worlds' largest oil fields with discovery lagging, Capital Account, Russia Today (06/15/12)



David L. Robb explains U.S. military censorship and Hollywood as a Pentagon propaganda outlet, RT's Interview, Russia Today (06/09/12)



Penny Freeman explains infiltration and subversion of the Ron Paul campaign, Adam Vs The Man (06/08/12)



Gareth Porter explains U.S.-Israeli economic warfare against Iran, The Real News Network (06/07/12)

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Hugo Salinas Price on the breakdown of civilization and the silver solution, Keiser Report, Russia Today (05/30/12)



Menhaden disappearing from Atlantic coastal waters, Earth Focus, Link TV (05/29/12)



Inside Job Director Charles Ferguson explains transformation of America into predatory nation, Democracy Now! (05/29/12)



Karl Denninger talks of epiphany for Greeks, institutional counterfeiting, and market toxicity, On the Edge with Max Keiser, Press TV (05/26/12)



Ecuadorean President Correa's perspective on the U.S. and media as arm of finance, The Julian Assange Show, Russia Today (05/22/12)



Marine veteran Abe Mashal explains tyranny of "no spy no fly", Nightly News with Alex Jones, Prison Planet (05/17/12)



Fascism, corruption, Obama complicity, "too big to fail," and Jamie-Dimon mindset with Chris Whalen, Keiser Report, Russia Today (05/10/12)



Man loses $22,000 in "policing for profit" case, NewsChannel 5 Investigates: Policing for Profit, (05/09/12)



Visible Peak Oil effect on energy markets, Keiser Report, Russia Today (05/08/12)



Egyptian people facing off with U.S.-financed military regime, The Real News Network (05/06/12)

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Rampant corruption in the ruling elite and injustice for the 99 percent, Keiser Report, Russia Today (05/03/12)



John Butler explains inevitable path to gold standard as BRICS and world grow dissatisfied with dollar reserves, Reuters (04/26/12)



Glen Ford on UNAC's anti-war conference on humanitarian imperialism and martial law, The Real News Network (04/08/12)

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Max Keiser describes the "Norman Bates" debt deflation economy and discusses the faux recovery with Reggie Middleton, Keiser Report, Russia Today (04/03/12)


Russia chastises NATO over Libya and Libya over Syria, Russia Today (03/08/12)


Former ambassador Elan Baruch discusses Israel's bullying habits, Russia Today (02/08/12)



Ralph Schoenman on U.S. imperial agenda and Iran, Russia Today (01/31/12)



D.C. Park Police attack peacefully assembled Americans, YouTube (01/29/12)



Glen Ford on Obama's allegiance to banking and empire, The Real News Network (01/25/12)

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Ex-CIA officer Philip Giraldi on the covert war against Iran and the danger of an overt war, Russia Today (01/19/12)



Killing the Internet via SOPA legislation, TechCrunch TV (01/14/12)



New military detention powers threaten civil rights, The Real News Network (12/22/11)



Gerald Celente explains MF Global segregated accounts, On the Edge with Max Keiser, Press TV (12/16/11)



The engineered euro crash, Global Research TV (12/09/11)



Federal Reserve insolvency and the global currency wars, Capital Account, Russia Today (11/30/11)



American families living in cars, 60 Minutes, CBS News (11/27/11)



Vast Israeli effort to manipulate via U.S. media, Russia Today (11/20/11)



Vertically farming, The Dylan Ratigan Show, MSNBC (11/16/11)



"Going long" on police raids and the giant failure of the eurozone, Capital Account, Russia Today (11/15/11)



Jim Rickards and Jim Grant on currency wars and a return to the gold standard, Money Moves, Bloomberg (11/10/11)



Michael Scheuer on U.S. efficiency in creating enemies, Russia Today (11/09/11)


Eric Sprott talks silver, dead governments walking, and the crisis of socialism with James Turk at the Edelmetallmesse, GoldMoney Foundation (11/08/11)



Ron Paul discusses impending disaster of U.S. debt load, Morning Joe, MSNBC (11/03/11)



Stephen Leeb on Beacon Power bankruptcy filing and the global resource war, Capital Account, Russia Today (11/01/11)



Gail Tverberg explains the burst debt bubble as resource and credit limits are reached, Keiser Report, Russia Today (10/31/11)



European debt deal creates slush fund and tightens IMF stranglehold on Greece, Russia Today (10/27/11)



The Murder of Gadaffi, The Real News Network (10/20/11)

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"One Percenter" Michael Pento on Occupy Wall Street and impoverishment by the Fed, Capital Account, Russia Today (10/19/11)



Nigel Farage talks of political irresponsibility and stupidity seeking United States of Europe, Russia Today (10/12/11)



Nascent superpower Germany readies return to Deutschmark, Keiser Report, Russia Today (10/03/11)



Libyan conquest highlights scramble for world's remaining oil, The Real News Network (09/26/11)

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Republican establishment unable to accept and determined to marginalize Ron Paul, The Real News Network (09/22/11)

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All central banks printing dollars to sustain global ponzi scheme, Keiser Report, Russia Today (09/21/11)



Mainstream media oppression and political bribery causing class warfare in America, Russia Today (09/20/11)



World being carpet-bombed with debt, Keiser Report, Russia Today (09/14/11)



Global debt used to further New World Order, Keiser Report, Russia Today (09/04/11)



Global financial coup d'etat, Keiser Report, Russia Today (08/23/11)



False flag finance and debt slavery, Keiser Report, Russia Today (08/08/11)



World is feeling effects of "Peak Everything", Keiser Report, Russia Today (08/01/11)



North American Governments Suppressing Dissent and Crushing Protests, The Real News Network (07/27/11)



Stephan Molyneux on the Fed Audit and Debt Ceiling, Keiser Report, Russia Today (07/27/11)



U.S. Military Protecting Hollow Shell, On the Edge with Max Keiser, Press TV (07/22/11)



Eurozone Debt Crisis, News Analysis, Press TV (07/21/11)



Survivors Fight to End U.S. School for Torture, Russia Today (07/12/11)



Greece a Dress Rehearsal for the United States, The Real News Network (07/11/11)

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U.S. Government Orchestrating Domestic Terror, Russia Today (07/01/11)



Bruce Fein discusses Obama's failure on U.S. torture, The Real News Network (04/26/09)

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Citizen asserts rights during aggressive border patrol detention (02/06/09)



Baptist pastor recounts beating by U.S. border patrol (04/15/09)



Depression prompting rebirth of backyard food gardens, "Home Grown", NBC Nightly News (03/20/09)


Citizen accosted by police in Mesa, AZ



Iraqi government moving against Sunni Awakening Councils, The Real News Network (03/30/09)



Brian Gerrish presents State of the Nation, (01/24/09)



Gerald Celente predicts economic armageddon by 2012, ABC6 (03/22/09)



Kingsnorth video from August 2008, Hamish Campbell (03/09)



Miriam Pemberton on the cost of U.S. empire, The Real News Network (03/07/09)



John Williams advises Americans to hoard gold and food, Market Watch (02/17/09)



Jim Rogers calls for abolishing the IMF and World Bank, Al Jazeera, (02/16/09)



Jim Rogers on oil prospects and IMF gold holdings, CNBC Squawk Box Europe (02/10/09)



F William Engdahl says "pure hell" ahead for U.S. economy, The Real News Network (02/06/09)



KopBusters reality show aims to take down crooked police, CBS 7 (12/04/08)


Police dump paraplegic man onto floor, Hillsboro County Sheriff's Office video (01/29/08)


Boat threat overblown by U.S. to boost anti-Iranian sentiments, NBC Nightly News (01/15/08)


Pat Buchanan discusses Ron Paul, terror hysteria, and immigration, The Situation Room (12/4/07)


NIE report corroborates a prescient Seymour Hersh, The Situation Room (12/4/07)


Jeremy Scahill on the rise of Blackwater, Bill Moyers Journal (PBS, 10/20/07)


Heading for 1929? Bill Moyers Journal (PBS, 10/12/07)


Seymour Hersh discusses Bush administration's desire to attack Iran, Countdown w/ Keith Olbermann


Col. Gardner discusses current U.S. activity within Iran, The Situation Room


Thaw in Siberian permafrost accelerating global warming, Reuters


Pastors to pacify public in the police state, KSLA 12 News


"Jimmy Justice" keeps watchful eye on New York law enforcement


Was Pat Tillman Murdered?


Dr. Colin Campbell talks Peak Oil at the Fuelling the Future conference


T. Boone Pickens talks oil fundamentals on Squawk Box


Michael Ruppert lectures on 9/11 attacks connection to Peak Oil


Richard Heinberg presents Peak Oil: How It Will Change Your Life


Richard Heinberg lectures on Peak Oil


Matthew Simmons talks Peak Oil on Kudlow & Company


Matthew Simmons talks Peak Oil on Bloomberg


Richard Heinberg talks Peak Oil on Enviro Close-Up


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