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Parking Offshore Profits Hurt the Domestic Economy by James Hall (07/26/12)

Conducting commerce internationally is not a crime. However, the lack of reinvesting domestically provides an inevitable drag on a viable internal economy. Read more

UN Arms Trade Treaty: Citizen to Global Subject with Worldwide Control of Individual Arms by Michael Chapdelaine (07/03/12)

Totalitarian globalists and their collaborators in Washington, D.C. are angling to disarm you and alienate you from the civil right that ultimately defends all your civil rights. Read more



Time for the Second American Revolution by SARTRE (07/02/12)

Now that the Supreme Court has rendered their decision on Obamacare, there can be no doubt that the funeral for a nation, born out of a revolution for liberty, is over. Read more






Extreme Makeover: Soft Genocide in the Name of Prosperity by Michael Chapdelaine (06/26/12)

It seems that when pseudo-erudite elites aren't busy hijacking financial markets, spoiling ecosystems, and fomenting coups, they take a strong interest in genocide, with a soft and fuzzy veneer. Read more






Watergate to Fast and Furious by SARTRE (06/25/12)

The Department of Justice has a long record of acting as the dictatorship of jurisprudence. Acting like council to the mob, the "Consigliore" Attorney General plots protection rackets for the ultimate organized crime syndicate. Read more






Rio+20: Partisan Misconceptions Haunting the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development by Michael Chapdelaine (06/18/12)

As member nations gather this June hoping for an accord and a palatable, concrete, coordinated, global plan of action for economic sustainability, there are lingering stereotypes and misconceptions that could scuttle long-term success. Read more






Obama's Amnesty: Yes, Let's Be Clear by Michael Chapdelaine (06/15/12)

This man in occupation of the the Oval Office clearly has absolutely no respect for the law or the citizens of the United States of America. He is a manipulative, dishonest, disingenuous traitor. Read more






How Do You Spell Traitor? R-a-n-d? by Michael Chapdelaine (06/08/12)

June 7, 2012, a day that will go down in political infamy. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky announces his endorsement of Mitt Romney. Read more






Fresh Casualties of Imperium in Fortress Chicago by Michael Chapdelaine (05/20/12)

The latest arrest of a group of alleged terrorists of domestic origin is a travesty of justice. It's yet more evidence that government has, quite clearly, gone rogue and is in a cold war with the people. Read more






Republican Presidential Candidate Rankings by Michael Chapdelaine (10/19/11)

The following is a ranking of Republican contenders for the Presidency in order of the likelihood of winning the 2012 Republican Party primary. Read more






Doubling Down on Fascism by Michael Chapdelaine (09/25/11)

Incentives and funds are lacking for the alternative energy industry; but, turning to fascism is not the solution. Read more






The Full Price of Offshoring by Michael Chapdelaine (07/06/11)

As the U.S. economy continues to struggle, the effects of the now infamous practice of offshoring are more evident. Read more






This Is Not Capitalism by Michael Chapdelaine (04/06/09)

During a recent discussion with a supporter of Barack Obama regarding the direction of America, I was particularly struck by his defensive contention, “I believe the economic system in the US is still… undeniably capitalism.” Read more






Get Out of the Dollar: Here Comes the Amero by Michael Chapdelaine (02/05/09)

“Hey, here’s a piece of insider information that’ll blow your mind.” Ed continued, “The [U.S.] dollar is going to be destroyed." Read more






Is the Constitution Party Selling Out? by Michael Chapdelaine (04/04/08)

The Constitution Party has recently offered up Alan Keyes as a possible nominee for the presidency. This warrants scrutiny from anyone seeking safe haven from the destructive takeover of the Republican Party. Read more






The Perfect Storm of Energy, Culture, and Population by Michael Chapdelaine (03/30/08)

America is feeling the pain of oil depletion foreseen since 1956. Read more (HTML or PDF)






Top Five Baseless and Subversive Arguments Against the Second Amendment by Michael Chapdelaine (01/07/08)

Peaceful, patriotic gun owners are struggling in the rising tide of anti-gun propaganda. Here's how to quickly dismantle the impassioned arguments commonly forwarded by Second Amendment iconoclasts. Read more (HTML or PDF)






What Would Jesus Buy? by Michael Chapdelaine (11/18/07)

In this age of rampant, mindless consumerism, few Americans question exactly why it is they feel compelled to buy so much... stuff. However, with What Would Jesus Buy?, Executive Producer Morgan Spurlock has done it. Read more






The 2008 Presidential Candidates and the Fourth Turning by Bill Willis (11/15/07)

In Strauss and Howe’s books Generations and The Fourth Turning, they describe four generation types, each type associated with a “turning,” or period of about 20 years. Read more






For Those Still in Darkness by Bill Willis (11/12/07)

“Why doesn’t the government do something about that?” We’ve all heard this familiar refrain, in response to a perceived slight or annoyance to the person making the statement. Read more






Republican Presidential Candidate Rankings by Michael Chapdelaine (10/21/07)

The following is a ranking of Republican contenders for the Presidency in order of the likelihood of winning the 2008 Republican Party primary. Read more






Police Militarization and the War on the American Citizen by Michael Chapdelaine (10/15/07)

The public suffers pervasive and persistent abuse and brutalization as misguided, overzealous, thuggish police officers eagerly act as enforcers in America’s emerging totalitarian democracy. Read more (HTML or PDF)






Green Libertarian Nationalism: A Healthy Direction for America by Michael Chapdelaine (10/03/07)

Americans caught up in the left-right paradigm dominating American politics in the 21st Century may ask, “Are you a tree hugger who wants to destroy jobs to save owls or a supporter of business free to loot and pollute?” Read more (HTML or PDF)











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