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Extreme Makeover: Soft Genocide in the Name of Prosperity

by Michael Chapdelaine


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It seems that when pseudo-erudite elites aren't busy hijacking financial markets, spoiling ecosystems, and fomenting coups, they take a strong interest in genocide, with a soft and fuzzy veneer.

Peter Sutherland, non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International, former chairman of energy transnational BP, Bilderberg Group meeting attendee, and head of the Global Forum on Migration and Development, made a plea last week for the European Union (EU) to "do its best to undermine" the "homogeneity" of its member states. He posits that future prosperity is tied to erasure of European identities. Moreover, he hopes to see such a makeover "however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states."

As the EU struggles for its persistence, there is even less tolerance for strong nation-states.

The Problem with Scotland: It's Full of Scots

His premise is unsubstantiated and is, in itself, exceptionally racist in the pejorative sense. Economies of homogeneous European nations in and out of the EU -- like Germany, Finland, Russia, and Poland -- are comparatively strong while others equally homogeneous are weak -- like Greece. One could just as easily make the argument that multi-cultural nations such as England and France show equal or greater economic weakness and financial vulnerability.

Indeed, Sutherland's call comes at a time when some European nations are realizing the failure of their attempted multi-cultural societies and are attempting to address the issue with less immigration and more assimilation. Native Europeans are showing a markedly reduced appetite for foreign influx from Russia across to France back over to Hungary and down to Greece. Scots want to be true and proud Scots just as Serbs want to be Serbs.

Regional, continental, and global unity by dictate is engendering more than just resentment. The existential danger of trying to tear down nations and obliterate their racial, linguistic, cultural, religious, and value identities is clear. The explosive results of arbitrary boundaries and forced ethnic conformity can be seen in recent history in Yugoslavia, Iraq, and throughout Africa. Nations must be more than economic outlines and unity comes from the ground up, not top down.

We know from the widespread loss of personal wealth, health, life, and freedom that the sociopathic puppet-masters are more than willing to gamble: initiating wars of ambition and wildly speculative, hot-potato "investment" schemes. There is little they aren't willing to do in order to expand and secure their own wealth and power.

Today, overt, deliberate and systematic destruction of European ethnic, racial, religious, or national groups, when put on the table by global power brokers looking smart in Armani, makes headlines but not waves. Of course, had Sutherland called for the use of migratory tactics to erase the distinct peoples and cultures of Africa or Asia, we can be sure of proper outrage.

Why isn't this idea being forwarded for homogeneous Japan or South Korea? Destruction of all things European has become not only palatable but a paradigm of its own. Failure to acquiesce? Everything from xenophobic to ignorant.

Don't Free Tibet? Shackle Czech Republic?

For years now, Europeans and those of European descent, have been indoctrinated toward submission of and oblivion to their own best interests; white Europeans shall have no sense of ethnic consciousness, worth, affinity, or pride. It is a long-standing campaign of humiliation, moral terrorism, and assignment of "white guilt." On the grounds of historical injustice and misdeed of generations past, Europeans can now be purged.

This paradigm stands as, even now, tens of millions live as slaves: trafficked and sold largely outside of Europe and North America! Apartheid is alive and well in Israel. Europe needs the extreme makeover?

The popular, contemporary narrative for "whites" is that race never really existed anyway. The psychological conditioning: when race doesn't exist and culture and language are diluted and unimportant, there is little to lament when it's lost altogether. Anthropology is yet another casualty of the modern fact-free world alongside denial of global warming as well as denial of untenable sovereign debt. It's an issue obfuscated and made abstract. People are taught little about race, if anything. Ignorant, they can then neither truly appreciate those like themselves nor those different.

We now live in a world of belief systems molded by propaganda and popular culture. In this world, the masses are unable to place themselves in context of nature and man-made systems. Facts and fact-based analysis irritably collides with those emotionally charged beliefs; the facts and fact-based analysis are rejected and lost.

Race has undoubtedly been the basis for malice and destruction; but, this is not a solid scientific basis for claims by racial nihilists that races are nothing but a socio-political construct. In a fact-filled world, it's understood that populations from equine to canine to simian can be divided on the basis of genetically transmitted characteristics, from color to temperament. Organisms can share common biological ancestry and ensembles of unique, genetically transmitted traits and characteristics distinguishing them from other populations within the same species. Race can be closely approximated through in-depth examination of outward appearances and careful measurement of skeletal dimensions; it can be reliably and unambiguously determined through DNA analysis.

Races do exist and it's not a bad thing. The collective historical experience amounting to the look, language, culture, and spirituality tied to the North-Atlantid Celts of Wales, UK is as wondrous and beautiful as the Dravidians of Andhra Pradesh, India. The uniqueness born out of vast distances, impassible mountains, and stretches of ocean makes ethnic groups as worthy of protection and persistence as anything on this earth.

Embracing these facts not only reduces conflict, it is true appreciation of diversity and human history.

No "Need" to Make Up for Falling Birth Rates

The typical argument made for no-holds-barred European immigration is to make up for falling European birth rates. If one were to accept that line of thinking, and if the lack of European births is the problem, is not the answer more European births?

In reality, European birth rates falling towards a level commensurate with the continental carrying capacity is desirable, not imprudent. Europe does not need a crushing swell of fresh foreign bodies to crowd the land.

Only in the evidently failing, infinite-growth system of the global Ponzi economy can one conclude that falling populations in low fertility, European nations must be offset by population overflows in high-fertility nations. Population stabilization of European stock should be applauded.

Falling birth rates simply make parasitic business and governments nervous as existing economic and financial systems are doomed to collapse without perpetual growth. Of course, in a fact-filled world, it's understood that perpetual growth is not possible within a finite system.

The implications are, therefore, dire for continuance of social welfare policies that have suffered not only from untenable structural "reform" and expansion but from looting of public coffers and a growing disparity in wealth among the populace that eviscerates fair contributions from the proverbial fat cats.

The easy "fix" of importing more bodies for the tax base, forwarded by Sutherland and his ilk, only staves off a reset of the economic and financial status quo and, worse still, makes the eventual social, economic, and ecological crash all the more assured, shocking and lethal.

Mixing versus Mashing

Migration and mixing of peoples has been a fact of human history -- from the Eastern Steppe barbarian invasions deep into the heart of Europe to the European conquest of the New World. Advances in transportation resultant the Industrial Revolution have further transformed the makeup of nations; with substantially more freedom of movement, it is far more likely that people will not be born, raised, married, and die in the same small town or village.

Nevertheless, humankind should embrace and make no effort to obliterate our long natural development, unique histories, and diversity. We can work toward the extinction of poverty, prejudice and blind hate, not the extinction of unique peoples.

The way to maintain diversity and achieve harmony certainly is not through concerted efforts of national eradication and ethnic dilution cloaked in economic progress; not in Europe, not anywhere.


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