As of Tuesday January 31, 2012

University of Colorado Boulder and the National Center for Atmospheric Research scientists' study concludes Little Ice Age triggered by volcanic aerosols

Chinese buying record quantities of gold

Invasion: Burmese pythons devastating native Everglades wildlife

Ron Paul likely to win more delegates than rivals this week

USA Today/Gallup poll sees Ron Paul competitive with Obama in hypothetical general election matchup

Police militarization: South Pasadena buys armored vehicle from city of Burbank for $1

First Amendment dead: Occupy Oakland protestors arrested en masse without dispersal order and avenue to leave

Iranian state TV announces impressive production of laser-guided munitions and other advanced military equipment

Damascus suburb of Saqba under control of Free Syrian Army

Failure of fascism: U.S. Treasury Department boosts estimate of government losses in $85 billion auto bailout by $170 million

Iraqis express outrage over U.S. State Department drones; yet another military function passed on

Met Office rips Daily Mail piece's distortion of science; researchers affirm it "is absolutely clear is that we have continued to see a trend of warming"

NASA: despite unusually low solar activity between 2005 and 2010, Earth continued to absorb more energy than it returned to space

NASA: 2011 ninth-warmest year on record; continues trend in which 9 of 10 warmest years in modern record have occurred since 2000

Michael Pento: Federal Reserve putting middle class at top of proverbial endangered species list; net worth systematically destroyed with inflation at 7 to 9 percent in real terms

New Jersey bill adds additional criminal penalties in use of "defaced" firearms

New Jersey bill subjects wide variety of ammunition to ban under guise of police safety

Iranian Deputy Oil Minister Qalebani underlines preparedness to cut oil supply to Europe; draft bill in parliament to end exports

Iranian President Ahmadinejad says U.S. militarism preventing spread of democracy and freedom for all nations

Amphibious transport dock setting up as base for U.S. Navy SEAL action against Iran

Toxic chemical releases from 2009 to 2010 increase 16 percent due to mining firms

Peru fish stocks decimated by corruption and growing fishmeal demand

Investigator and bombing survivor sees Government involvement in OKC bombing "entirely possible"

New documentary examines Government involvement in OKC bombing

Georgia homeowner and real estate agent files lawsuit against Bank of America to expose racketeering, deceptive practices and abuse of government programs

Sleeping with the enemy: The Atlanta Jewish Times suggest assassination of American president may be necessary to secure Israel's future

Taliban negotiators meeting with American officials in Qatar, possible prisoner transfer

Prime Minister Netanyahu says peace prospects poor with Palestinians unbending to Israeli security demands

Jewish Defense League demand removal of Canadian mayor critical of Israel

Scores killed as Syrian troops fight to retake Damascus suburbs

Gunmen bomb police station outside Nigeria's Kano, long gun battles follow

Scientific study finds reduction of greenhouse gases most certain way to ensure food security; geo-engineering benefits uneven and side effects uncertain

Daily Mail piece suggests Met Office and University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit data shows rising trend in world temperatures ended in 1997; emphasize sun heading toward grand minimum in output in upcoming cycle; scientists stress "reduction of solar activity... insufficient to offset the dominant influence of greenhouse gases"

Sectarian conflict intensifies between Alawite regime of and Sunni-rebel Free Syrian Army

Ratings agency Fitch cuts the long-term issuer ratings of Belgium, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, and Slovenia

Police state: Fort Lauderdale cops deploy hulking surveillance truck, some residents in crime-ridden neighborhood embracing presence

Occupy Oakland protesters enter City Hall, set American flag alight, more than 400 arrested

National Park Service bars Occupy DC protesters from camping in McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza near White House

Real 2011 GDP growth, at 1.7 percent, less than 2010

Figures show Obama accelerating welfare culture through direct payments, food stamps, disability, health care, and corporate subsidies and tax breaks

Ron Paul open to relations with Cuba

War machine: U.S. pursuing even bigger conventional bomb for attacking Iranian bunkers

Vladimir Putin calls out antagonistic U.S. bent on world domination

Libya's new army and supporting militias continue torturing former regime loyalists

Los Angeles Police Department conducts maneuvers with military forces; Dodgers Stadium serves as staging ground for helicopters

Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism finds renewed mainstream media blackout of Ron Paul candidacy

CATO Institute scholars dismantle fallacious State of the Union speech by Obama

Obama ignores subpoena by Georgia court in case to determine ballot eligibility; no ruling in birth challenge

Police caught lying as airport video contradicts assertion of "irate" Senator Rand Paul

Private company hoarding license-plate data; undermining rules designed to protect law-abiding Americans from police overreach

Colorado Springs police walk away from armed standoff in rare de-escalation of events

Ron Paul's ideas for the economy catching on in the mainstream

Ralph Nader says, "[Obama] says one thing and does another... lawless militarism... truly astonishing... committed to projecting the American empire"

Totalitarian America: Homeland Security monitoring journalists

Survivor of 1967 Israeli attack on USS Liberty reveals duplicity of U.S. Government and pretext for nuclear strike on Cairo

Poverty in the heart of the empire: 1.6 million American children now homeless

Obama administration reportedly irked by brazen assassination of Iranians

Economic warfare: ordinary Iranians bearing the brunt of western sanctions

Regime change in Libya sowing seeds of chaos in Africa's Sahara-Sahel zone

Eight killed by car bombs in Baghdad

New York Police Department looking to deploy drones

Los Angeles Police Department to provide support in urban warfare training exercises in heart of city

International Monetary Fund expects eurozone recession

Police state: Charlotte, NC city council votes police more power to stop and search in anticipation of upcoming Democratic Convention

Famed director Oliver Stone decries U.S. empire, praises Ron Paul

Supreme Court unanimously rules police violated Constitution attaching Global Positioning System tracker to suspect's vehicle without valid search warrant

Former Gadaffi backers wrest control of Bani Walid from NTC forces

White House sides with Transportation Security Administration in detention of Senator Paul

"The police state in this country is growing out of control,” says Congressman Ron Paul on Senator-son Rand's detention

Police state crushes the Constitution: U.S. Senator on way to Capitol detained by Transportation Security Administration for refusing pat down

Iranian deputy head of parliament's foreign affairs and national security committee says Straight of Hormuz "definitely" will be closed in response to embargo

Provoking war: European Union agrees on oil embargo against Iran

Provoking war: western powers send six additional warships through Strait of Hormuz

Renewed conflict in Libya's Bani Walid; 5 NTC fighters killed in unfinished civil war

Israeli air strike kills two Palestinians in northern Gaza

Libyan protestors storm National Transitional Council headquarters in Benghazi demanding Sharia law in post-Gadaffi state

Free Syrian Army in full control of Syrian mountain town of Zabadani

Fourteen dead after bus transporting prisoners explodes in the northwestern Syrian province of Idlib

Muslim Brotherhood wins biggest share of seats in new parliament

Gunmen kill 4 Iraqi troops in Fallujah

Bomb and gun attacks in Nigerian city of Kano kill hundreds

Arizona state legislature to open own investigation into Obama administration's Fast and Furious gun-running program

Deaths in Mexican state of Chihuahua exceed number of civilians killed in all of Afghanistan during same period

Ron Paul introduces bill to repeal section 1021 of National Defense Authorization Act

Greece presses European Union to ease forthcoming Iran oil sanctions

Report describes Afghan soldiers killing more U.S. and coalition troops and deep-seated animosity between forces

Palestinians mull third, technology driven, non-violent intifada alongside bid for UN membership

Police state: Florida man arrested for spitting on sidewalk after "mouthing off" to Daytona Beach officers

Congress, under pressure, indefinitely postpones SOPA and PIPA web censorship legislation

U.S. Government charges Megaupload executives with racketeering, money laundering and presiding over "massive" online piracy

Ron Paul pauses election campaign to vote against debt ceiling raise

Iran on full alert with submarines ready to "ambush and hit enemy vessels"

War on Drugs: Blackwater mercenaries to take over fight in Central and South America

Pseudo-conservative Mark Levin laments post-Constitutional America

Journal of the American Medical Association reports over one-third of American adults obese

Multiple technology companies stage online protests of Stop Online Privacy Act and Protect IP Act

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov warns an attack on Iran "will not be an easy walk, and it's impossible to calculate all of the possible consequences"

Obama administration rejects Keystone pipeline

Constitution in tatters: NYPD teaming up with Department of Defense in totalitarian program to scan public for guns

Drug war: former DEA supervisor says beheadings in U.S. look like the work of Mexican drug cartels

Savings rate falls as Americans raid personal savings to survive dismal economy

CNN poll finds Obama tied with Ron Paul in general election match-up

NASA study suggests shifting greenhouse emissions focus to black carbon and methane to mitigate near-term climate impact

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans says unemployment rate drop may reverse; “can’t discount the possibility” that “headwinds” facing economy could cause growth to slow

Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, headed for talks in Israel on unannounced agenda

United Nations peacekeepers carried virulent strain of cholera into Haiti

Car bombs support assault on Ramadi police station meant to free terrorist suspects

Hungary's Jobbik party calls for departure from oppressive European Union

Israel and U.S. postpone massive defense drill to reduce tension with Iran

Forty two percent of Indian children malnourished

Suicide attack kills 53 Shia pilgrims in Basra

False flag: CIA memos describe Israeli Mossad agents posing as American spies to recruit terrorists

Military Bible Association gives valuable evangelical endorsement to Ron Paul

South Carolina Tea Party champion, State Senator Tom Davis, to endorse Ron Paul

Rasmussen polling finds Ron Paul tied for third place in South Carolina; 16 % of likely Republican primary voters

ARG polling finds Ron Paul in third place in South Carolina; 20 % of likely Republican primary voters

Standard & Poor's reportedly cutting credit ratings of Italy, Spain and Portugal by two notches, France and Austria by one notch

Bankers over humanity: Greek children abandoned on streets by poverty-stricken families

Defense Secretary Panetta pledges full investigation of U.S. Marines desecrating Afghan corpses

Lauren DiGioia spends 27 hours in police custody for protesting NDAA at Grand Central

Protestors of National Defense Authorization Act arrested at Grand Central Terminal

Deputy director of Natanz uranium enrichment facility assassinated in Tehran

Transportation Security Administration officers jailed for stealing $40,000 in passenger cash

U.S. building hospitals, ports in Caucasus republic of Georgia

Car bomb attack in Pakistani market kills 35, over 60 wounded

Venezuelan President Chavez says his country will not recognize any World Bank tribunal ruling in Exxon Mobil case

Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman acknowledges Iranian ability to close straight of Hormuz

International Energy Agency discusses release of up to 14 million barrels per day of government-owned oil in the United States, Europe, Japan, and elsewhere in event of Iranian blockade

Royal Navy sends best destroyer to Persian Gulf

Illinois state law requires photo identification and signature to purchase drain cleaners and caustic substances

Police state: Federal Protective Service set up armed checkpoint outside of Social Security Administration office in Florida

Gravity-monitoring satellites find groundwater level has dropped globally over past 9 years

Glenn Greenwald: Ron Paul candidacy spawning "political confusion" by "advocating crucial views on vital issues"

Rick Santorum's nephew announces support for Ron Paul; describes his uncle as big government, status quo politician