As of Wednesday February 29, 2012

Several candidates in the running to pick up mantle of Ron Paul in the House

Iraqi government says 69,263 people killed in violence between 2004 and 2011

Syrian ground forces continue offensive on the rebel city of Homs, seek to eliminate last pockets of resistance

Lebanon to Syria smuggling supporting Free Syrian Army

Stomping on the ashes of the Bill of Rights: House of Representatives votes 388-to-3 in favor of "trespass" bill, H.R. 347, making political protest illegal

Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke says "fundamentals that support spending continue to be weak" and "job market far from normal"; remains ambiguous on further official quantitative easing

Hezbollah deputy Sheikh Naim Qassem asserts Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear program would spark Middle East conflict beyond control

Russia upgrades Syria-based electronic station to warn Iran of attack coming from eastern Mediterranean

Study finds environmental contaminants such as mercury released from coal-burning, lead in paints, and organophosphate pesticides causing lower IQs in children

Dow and Monsanto teamed up to reintroduce herbicide 2, 4-D, one-half of infamous defoliant Agent Orange

Fascist injustice: Federal Court sides with Monsanto and ridicules farmers' right to grow food without fear, contamination and economic harm

Mahmoud Bahmani, Governor of the Central Bank of Iran, says country can trade in currencies other than dollars, including gold, in its foreign transactions; preparation to bypass western sanctions

Banker bailout backfire: home prices in 20 U.S. cities decline 4 % from year earlier to lowest level since mid-2006

Egon von Greyerz foresees gold price per ounce at "at least $2,000 by the end of March... In the last eighteen months world money supply has gone up by $10 trillion... massive money printing taking place worldwide... need to reset the world economy and start again"

Chinese consumers snapping up gold as government concurrently stockpiles precious metal

Stockton, California, may take the first steps toward becoming the most populous U.S. city to file for bankruptcy

Decline from the first world: Americans visiting hospital emergency rooms for dental care

People's Daily rips United States for arrogance in Middle East policy, presumption of moral authority

UN official says over 7,500 civilians killed in Syria since start of revolt; Secretary of State Clinton says Assad could be war criminal

Israeli officials say no warning will be given to U.S. of preemptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities

Retired Marine Corps general, other experts sound warning on difficulty of pre-emptive attack on Iran, limited results, unintended consequences

Stratfor e-mails reveal U.S. prosecutors have drawn up charges against Wikileaks' Assange

Joint American and Chinese study shows progressive shrinking of Arctic sea ice bringing colder, snowier winters to parts of Europe, North America and China

TransCanada Corp. will proceed with building $2.3 billion Oklahoma to Texas segment of Keystone XL oil pipeline

Great Lakes in peril: Supreme Court won't order emergency measures to block Asian carp

Ratings agency Standard & Poor's cuts Greek credit rating to selective default

Toxic debt: American credit card debt levels rising

Pentagon readies for "aerial blockade" of Syria

Harry Dent, Gerald Celente, and Robert Prechter steadfast in expectations of economic calamity

Leaked Stratfor documents discuss Israel commandos, Kurdish fighters destroying Iranian nuclear facility

Chancellor of the Exchequer admits "British Government has run out of money," cannot afford further stimulus for failing economy

Consumer insanity: police in riot gear break up sneaker melee at Florida mall

Bipartisan Policy Center projects U.S. will hit $16.4 trillion debt ceiling between late November 2012 and early January 2013

Ron Paul tells crowd America "slipping into a fascist system"

U.S. Forest Service researchers confirm warming is killing off yellow cedar in Alaska

United States experiencing longest stretch of high unemployment since Great Depression according to Congressional Budget Office

Inflation: January Consumer Price Index highest in four months

Greeks rage at loss of sovereignty as leaders haggle to appease bankers

Pat Buchanan says "days as a political analyst at MSNBC have come to an end" after being blacklisted as an extremist

Federal Reserve Open Market Committee officially announces goal to devalue dollar by 33 % over next 20 years

Nigel Farage: Greece is being driven into the ground and towards revolution by anti-democratic troika

Man preparing for possible doomsday declared mentally defective and extra-judicially stripped of civil rights

Max Keiser says "we lost [the battle with the bankers]... MF Global signals the end of any hope of reform... heading toward financial holocaust"

Conspiracy behind AGW denial: Heartland Institute insider releases financier list and media strategy to obfuscate and politicize climate change

Police state: New York City Police stop 684,330 people for questioning in 2011

Chicago police officers arrested for stealing cash from drug courier

Imperial establishment cling to U.S. nuclear weapons; megalomaniac John Bolton slams possible stockpile reduction

Steep reductions in deployed strategic nukes under review by Obama administration

House committee takes step toward holding Attorney General Holder in contempt of Congress for failure to provide subpoenaed information about Operation Fast and Furious

Boogeyman: security in U.S. heightened over "Iran threat"

Iranian engineers reportedly succeed in neutralizing and purging Stuxnet computer virus

USS Abraham Lincoln passes through Strait of Hormuz shadowed by Iranian Navy

Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Nikolai Makarov says Iranian nuclear tension likely to come to a head in the summer

Dallas woman says Transportation Security Administration agents repeatedly sent her through body scanner to enjoy view of her "cute" body

Fiscal insanity: deficit spending during Obama estimated at $5,170,000,000,000 according to fourth budget release

Judge sides against Amish farmer; Food and Drug Administration wins fight over selling fresh raw milk

Athens burns as Greek rage against latest austerity bill

Occupy movement preparing for new phase of larger marches and strikes

Eyewitness counters official police lie in Virginia shooting; woman executed by officer for disobedience

Bed sheets and flip-flops: Rolling Stone publishes damning 84-page unclassified report by Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis; blasts military establishment group-think and deceptions

Pentagon requests $81 million for "urgent upgrade" to twenty 30,000 pound, bunker-busting bombs

Greek PM Papademos makes televised plea for parliamentary support of austerity measures to receive 130 billion euro bailout from IMF and EU

LAOS leader says party will not vote for euro bailout agreement

One killed, 3 injured in Israeli air strike on Gaza

Niger refuses Libyan demands to extradite Gaddafi’s son, Saadi

British and Qatari soldiers operating with Syrian rebels

Fighters and weapons flowing from Iraq into Syria

Unnamed U.S. officials confirm Assad claim: Iraqi Al Qaida behind bombings in Damascus

Two dead, 18 wounded during clashes between Sunnis and Alawis in Lebanon

Conflicting allegations of responsibility following killing of Syrian general

Bahrain police use tear gas and stun grenades to break up protests against Saudi and U.S.-backed government

Anonymous hackers take down CIA web site

Western mission accomplished as Libya divided and in chaos

Congress to hold hearing into Department of Homeland Security practice of monitoring social networks and media

State Department travel advisory urges U.S. citizens to avoid all but essential travel to 14 states in northern and central Mexico

Police state: Los Angeles Police Department sets up war room

Totalitarian USA: Los Angeles County raises fines to $1,000 for tossing football or Frisbee at any beach

State sponsor of terror: Israel financing, training and arming People's Mujahedin of Iran

Turkish-based Syrian opposition claim Iranian special forces units actively supporting Assad

Pakistan warns Britain to help stop American drones slaughtering hundreds of its innocent civilians; retaliation possible for war crimes

Data from NASA's Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment satellite shows "Earth is losing a huge amount of ice to the ocean annually"

Sumatran tigers losing critical habitat as forest's wood harvested for toilet paper

Scores of District of Columbia employees suspended, face firing and prosecution for receiving unemployment benefits while holding city jobs

Enemies of the state: FBI warns of threat from "anti-government extremists"

Imperial yearning: Britain pleads with U.S. to take part in flotilla challenging Iranian power in Persian Gulf; American commanders see Royal Navy having nothing to contribute to mission

"What I saw bore no resemblance to rosy official statements by U.S. military leaders about conditions on the ground," writes Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis in Armed Forces Journal piece on Afghanistan.

Canadian tar sand development causing caribou declines, government responds by poisoning wolves

Bill Gates backs clique of climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geo-engineering experiments

John Williams unravels manipulated Government statistics; true unemployment measure at 22.5 percent

Race in America: more blacks reject being labeled African American

Rick Santelli: labor force participation is down

Scientists gain understanding of regional climate change from global warming: cold, snowy winters in Central Europe rise when Arctic covered by less sea ice in summer; darker ocean revealed and stored heat released

Global warming: coral showing faster growth in formerly cool waters of western Australia, contrast with coral deaths in east Australia waters now beyond optimum temperature

Minority of meteorologists raising overweight furor in global warming debate; weathermen shaping public opinion despite lacking climate expertise

Dozens reported killed as Syrian opposition take to streets in commemoration of 1982 Hama massacre

Syria's Assad set for long conflict; outsiders see descent into civil war; opposition hardened

Human Rights Watch: Libya's ex-ambassador to France dies in militia custody from possible torture less than 24 hours after being detained

Sunni Islamist-led opposition win majority in Kuwaiti parliamentary elections

Resource-driven war possible between Sudan and breakaway South Sudan

Street battle rages near Egypt's Interior Ministry

Bahrainis protest regime crackdown

Selling snake oil: Bernanke defends Federal Reserve policy, cautions against rapid deficit reduction

Iranian President Ahmadinejad calls for new world order of justice-seeking nations

Israeli Vice Prime Minister and Strategic Affairs Minister touts capabilities to take military action against Iran, countering "nightmare" threat

Transportation Security Administration agent steals $5,000 from passenger at John F. Kennedy International Airport

Obama administration doubles size of secret list of suspected terrorists in 1 year; about 21,000 banned from flying to or within the United States, including 500 American citizens

Family of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry allege top federal prosecutor in Phoenix lied; intend to sue BATFE and Justice Department for $25 million

Congressional report: Top Department of Justice officials had extensive knowledge of and involvement in Operation Fast and Furious

Radioactive water leakage from reactor 4 at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant

Paul Craig Roberts says John Williams statistics "make it completely clear that there is no economic recovery"

Satellite data shows unsafe levels of micro-particulate pollutants across China; nearly every province registering above 10 micrograms per cubic meter

Food shortages lead China to challenge U.S. for agro-economic dominion in South America

Britain bristling over renewed territorial claims of Argentina toward Falkland Islands

Ron Paul campaign reports over $13 million received in fourth quarter 2011; zero debt

NATO report: Taliban nowhere near surrender and confident of their return to power

Defense Secretary Panetta says 2013 will see end to international forces' combat role in Afghanistan