As of Monday April 30, 2012

Veteran Citibank analyst: medium to long-term gold target of $3,400

Imperial city: wealth drawn into Washington, D.C. is taken from the rest of struggling America

White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan now acknowledges drone strikes killing innocent people in campaign oriented to "prevent future attacks"; Brennan stated "hasn't been a single collateral death" via drones in June of 2011

Solyndra not dealing with toxic waste at Milpitas facility

Israel begins building high concrete wall on Lebanese border

Mayor Bloomberg promises to thwart Occupy Wall Street plans to blockade city, says, "People have a right to protest... don’t have the right to disrupt other people"

Domination: Goldman Sachs chairman a candidate for governor of Bank of England

French presidential front-runner Hollande says he would seek to renegotiate European Union fiscal treaty if elected

Notorious bank regulator Bill Black gives detailed description of control fraud in Chris Martensen interview; system so flawed that fraud is mathematically guaranteed; intellectual ideologues continue to believe fraud is impossible and regulation both unnecessary and harmful in self-correcting markets; two sets of rules in crony capitalism

"We're not seeing a US recovery... housing... still a bust... jobs numbers... plainly weak... Meanwhile, the situation in Europe continues to worsen... market has completely missed the importance of the demand-side changes currently taking place in the physical gold market," says Eric Sprott in review of fundamentals

FBI facilitating terrorist plots; stings initially targeting suspects for pure speech

JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. tell Federal Reserve that limit on their credit exposure is unnecessary and "fundamentally flawed"

Microsoft claims new concern for privacy following House passage of CISPA bill

Former head of Israeli domestic intelligence slams fear-mongering "messianic" Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak on dealings with Iran

Irish homeowners urged to hand back their house keys to force banks into talks

Greece to provide 250 million euros in emergency funds to electricity providers

More suicides in Greece as country prepares for elections

Ron Paul locking up more delegates than generally perceived

Pacific reef sharks population decline over 90 percent since 1970s

"Population and the environment should not be considered as two separate issues... utmost urgency to reduce consumption and emissions barriers must be overcome to achieve high-quality primary and secondary education for all the world’s young... not only by technology" concludes The Royal Society in sweeping report on population, society, economics and the environment

Ron Paul surpasses Mitt Romney in campaign contributions in at least 10 states

Gross domestic product expands at 2.2 percent annual rate, according to Commerce Department; expectation was for 2.5 percent

Thirty five U.S.-based multinationals added jobs, with nearly three fourths overseas, much faster than other U.S. employers in past 2 years

Obama administration withdraws proposed rule to apply child labor laws to family farms

U.S. homeownership hits decade low at 62 percent; record low 53 percent say home worth more than purchase price

Housing quagmire: more than 1 million Americans who have taken out mortgages in past 2 years now owe more on their loans than their homes are worth

Obama administration pledges to sell Taiwan "undetermined number" of new U.S.-made war planes

Obama administration officials say new options for confronting Syria's Assad being prepared as UN diplomatic initiative "failing"

One-fifth of all NATO losses in 2012 are by Afghan troops

House Republicans investigating Fast and Furious scandal plan to pursue contempt citation against Attorney General Eric Holder

Dark days: America slides deeper into totalitarian state as House passes sweeping Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act; Government may search information collected under CISPA for purposes of investigating American citizens for so-called cyber-security crimes without regard to Fourth Amendment

World's biggest banks working with one another and police to gather intelligence as protesters try to rejuvenate Occupy Wall Street movement

Investment researcher Charles Biderman says mainstream media totally ignorant on reporting government-supplied economic numbers; stock market is now fully manipulated

Transportation Security Administration aggressively screens 7-year-old girl with cerebral palsy; family misses their flight

TSA defends pat down of terrified 4-year-old girl at Wichita, Kansas airport

Transportation Security Administration screeners arrested, face charges of taking bribes to allow suitcases filled with cocaine, methamphetamine or marijuana pass through X-ray machines at Los Angeles International Airport

Education bubble: $1 trillion in U.S. student loan debt

Labor Department's weekly claims report shows rise in four-week moving average of U.S. seasonally adjusted jobless claims

Official data shows Britain back in recession

IDF Chief of Staff Gantz doesn't believe Iran will develop nuclear weapons, says decisions should be made "without hysteria"

Congressman Canseco claims assault during Transportation Security Administration encounter in San Antonio International Airport

Rural youths slam Obama administration proposal to prevent farmers' children from doing chores

Supreme Court skeptical of Obama administration's claim that it can stop Arizona from enforcing immigration laws

Taxpayer rescued General Motors repays American people with announcement of models to be made in China

Anti-globalist rise: National Front candidate Marine Le Pen gets 18 percent of vote in first round of French presidential election

Ron Paul vows to continue presidential campaign

Iceland ex-Prime Minister Geir Haarde found guilty for role in 2008 financial crisis; cleared of most serious charges

Homeland Security raids flea market in hunt for counterfeit and pirated merchandise

Greek central bank forecasts further economic contraction on top of record unemployment and austerity

Borrowing costs rise for Spain and Italy as interest rates raised to attract buyers in latest government bond auctions

Pew Hispanic Center reports net migration from Mexico to U.S. falls to zero

U.S. housing prices drop for sixth straight month

James Lovelock says may have been "extrapolating too far" with respect to climate change

Dollar flight: Russia's second-largest bank to move third of its debt into other currencies by 2015

Japan asked to join India and China providing insurance to Iranian oil shipments amidst Western sanctions

Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi says Iran will cut oil exports to all European countries if sanctions on Tehran not lifted after next round of talks with major powers in Baghdad

Oil Minister Rostam Qasemi says Iran has stopped oil sales to Royal Dutch Shell; company owes $1 billion for past purchases

IMF doubles amount available for Eurozone money pit to $400 billion

Bahraini protestors clash with police as U.S.-backed regime hosts lavish Grand Prix race

Payback: Securities and Exchange Commission brings charges against ratings agency that downgraded U.S.

USA TODAY reporter and editor investigating Pentagon propaganda contractors subjected to coordinated Internet campaign to undermine reputations and credibility; phony Websites, Wikipedia entries, Twitter and Facebook accounts, message board postings, and blog entries created shortly after first inquiries

Neocon ex-Obama backer Mort Zuckerman acknowledges total failure of approach to economy; depression not yielding job vacancies; American enterprise losing to Chinese and Indian counterparts

Resource depletion: billionaires propose mining asteroids to save global economy

Congressional Budget Office reports 45 million people received food stamps in 2011, 70 percent increase from 2007

Overkill: Los Angeles cops fire more than 90 rounds at unarmed man on freeway

U.S. Geological Survey scientists say rise in earthquakes "almost certainly" resultant of human hydraulic fracturing activity

Pre-emptive crackdown: Spanish interior minister announces planned reform of penal code to criminalize organizing street protests that "seriously disturb the public peace"

UC Davis task force report strongly condemns campus officer's use of pepper spray during November Occupy protest; evidence lacking to back police claims of being trapped by aggressive protestors

Adding insult to injury: establishment politician and Bush administration member, Chris Christie, faults Americans for government dependence as bailout initiator George Bush compliments Christie's assessment

Suveillance society: North Dakota man arrested with drone evidence vows to fight case

Death of American privacy: Supreme Court unwilling to recognize daily violations of citizen dignity and disrupt basic practices of criminal justice system

Ethnic skirmish: white man jumped and beaten by group of blacks in Florida rallying to "Trayvon"

FBI reports rise in officer homicides across the country

Radioactive particles released in Fukushima reactor meltdown detected in giant kelp along California coast

Iranian Intelligence Ministry announces discovey of sophisticated Israeli terror and sabotage network

Portuguese domestic banks' use of European Central Bank's facilities rose to record €56.3 billion in March; industrial production in Greece continues to fall

Hottest March since 1895, according to National Climatic Data Center; more than 15,000 high temperature records broken in March

Hundreds of thousands of active-duty Army on prescription medications including anti-depressants and sedatives

Ex-cybersecurity czar Richard Clarke calls for customs checks on all data entering and leaving U.S. cyberspace

Representative Sandy Adams says White House order updating emergency authority is latest Obama power grab

Last chance: diplomats say western demands on Iran include immediate closure and ultimate dismanlting of recently completed Fordo facility

Last chance: U.S. Navy deploys second aircraft carrier to Persian Gulf

Iranian leadership ignores Obama attempt to boost perceptions of foreign policy achievement

Obama factor: Americans stocking up on ammunition

Post-American Iraq remains unstable, deeply sectarian state verging on authoritarianism

Triumph of NATO in Libya delivers north Mali to Tuareg jihadis

Mali junta says power transfer within days as Islamists declare independence in country's north

U.S. officials building up threat of Hezbollah in America; even more dangerous than Al Qaida

Racial discord: black crowd corners, beats and robs white man in Baltimore

Government runs $777 billion deficit for six months of fiscal year 2012; March is 40th straight month of deficits

Labor Department reports 120,000 "added" in March as household data shows employment-population ratio declines and number not in labor force rises to near 88,000

Americans brace for next wave of home foreclosures

UN Food and Agriculture Organization says food prices climbed for third straight month in March

First Amendment under assault: Internet censorship bill lands on Arizona governor's desk

Police state: Homeland Security follows up massive ammunition purchase with acquisition of bulletproof booths

Authoritarian America: bill revoking and denying passports of tax delinquents headed from Senate to House

Scientists say carbon dioxide's effect on climate further "confirmed by the history of climate" based on latest findings

Scientists find global warming preceded by increasing carbon dioxide concentrations during last deglaciation; greenhouse gas primary driver of increasing global temperatures

Congress queries National Security Agency on construction of $2 billion, one-million-square-foot spy center in Utah

CISPA bill latest in string of totalitarian cybersecurity bills; follow on to failed PIPA and SOPA

Occupation desperation: pensioner shoots himself outside Greek Parliament "before I start searching the garbage for food and become a burden for my child search for food in garbage"

Fresh fighting in Libyan town of Zwara yields at least two dozen dead

First U.S. Marines arrive in Australia

Stealth amnesty: Department of Homeland Security to grant "unlawful presence waivers" to illegal aliens

Chinese police arrest six people and shut 16 websites after rumours spread of military coup

Totalitarian Britain: government to help itself to all citizens' e-mails, texts, and Internet browsing histories

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urges the world to unite against Syrian President Assad; advises Syrian military to "stop killing your fellow citizens or you will face serious consequences."

Israeli strike against Iran would have "disastrous" consequences, says Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan