As of Friday September 30, 2011

Obama encountering difficulty with former Wall Street financial backers

Department of Energy pushing ahead with billions in alternative energy loans

Energy Secretary Chu acknowledges making final decision to continue disbursement of taxpayer money to Solyndra after default

Extrajudicial killing: two U.S. citizens affiliated with Al Qaida murdered via airstrike in Yemen

China launches first space laboratory module

Germany passes bailout package

Bag of severed heads left near Mexican school

$737 million green jobs loan given to Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law and former Solyndra backers

Massachusetts man arrested in materially driven FBI plot to use remote-controlled aircraft to attack Pentagon

Youth protest against special interest political domination and corruption from India to Israel to Spain

Organizers call on crowds to occupy London Stock Exchange

Inflation still a strong fundamental for gold and silver

Metals correction gets rid of momentum players, new base set for continuation higher

Bill Fleckenstein sees gold and silver markets cleaned of leveraged participants

Immigration and Customs Enforcement announce arrest of 2,901 criminal immigrants

States and business group appeal to Supreme Court to strike down entire Obama 2010 healthcare legislation

Divers discover Dead Sea fed by freshwater springs

German finance minister describes U.S. plan to boost EU rescue find as "stupid"

Syrian army defectors fighting Assad forces in Rastan

North Carolina Governor Beverly Purdue calls for suspension of Congressional elections

Libyan transitional government seeks to disarm all opposition and shells resisting cities; NATO conducting airstrikes; Gadaffi loyalists rebuff attacks on Sirte

Black and Hispanic mob attacks white home

Harris poll shows Ron Paul leading Obama by 2 %

Iowa's likely voters put Ron Paul in fourth place of Republican field

Zogby poll puts Ron Paul in fourth place of Republican field

CNN poll shows Ron Paul trailing Obama by only 4 %

Obama administration argue for continued secrecy, foresee release of bin Laden death photos and videos leading to violence

Police officer pleads not guilty in beating death of homeless man

Three thousand dead sharks found in illegal nets off Texas coast near Mexican border

Gadaffi loyalists hold Sirte, send NTC fighters into retreat

Faltering empire: prospect of big defense cuts shaking up psyche of U.S. military establishment

Gary Johnson captures bit of spotlight, joins Ron Paul as thorn in side of GOP establishment

Iraq violence sees at least 12 dead; 9 killed and 99 wounded in Karbala explosions

U.S. drones strikes in southern Somalia kill dozens of civilians, scores wounded, hundreds flee

Israeli Democracy Institute survey finds one-third of Jewish citizens do not consider Arab citizens as Israeli

80 % of Bahrainis refuse to vote in weekend elections

Tear gas in homes: Bahraini activists leak new footage of violent crackdown by U.S.-and-Saudi-backed regime

Yemeni troops kill dozens in latest anti-regime protests

Asia in rush to find vaccine for latest mutation of bird flu

Slovakians angered over prospect of Greek bailout; opposition observes payments put country on direct path to socialism, says Greece must go bankrupt

Greek middle class rejecting austerity and refusing higher taxes

Saudi King Abdullah grants women right to vote

Israeli PM Netanyahu expresses "disappointment" with Abbas' speech to United Nations; defends support of U.S. ruling regime

Italian PM Berlusconi hints that economy minister Tremonti should resign; can't stand the disrespect

Mexican newspaper editor found decapitated in Nuevo Laredo

Chinese geopolitical bets pay off as Obama goes full Israel and undercuts own democratic and human rights ideals

Chinese government will invest 2 trillion yuan in green economy and low-carbon development in next 5 years

China provides 533 million yuan in aid to drought-hit African nations

Germans unfamiliar with healthy ecosystem in debate over return of the wolf

Globalism destroying local communities and native ecosystems as artificial single-species forests expand in South America, encouraged by low production costs and government incentives

Globalist model fails to deliver improved quality of life: Mongolian people increasingly displeased with resources being carted off by foreigners

Obama abandons failing provisions of No Child Left Behind law

Rep. Mo Brooks: Evict all illegal aliens and immediately open up millions of jobs for unemployed Americans

Media's racial reconstruct: Hollywood replaces real-life white scientists with black in "true" story

New Jersey police officer briefly breaks silence, details capture of van full of Israeli spies on 9/11

Texas Nationalist Movement sees secession as only avenue to regain freedom; former Soviet citizen and TNM member says Obama speeches have Soviet Union feel

Black Libyans living in fear of NATO-backed rebels

Ex-supporter professor Cornel West realizing Obama tied to Wall Street

Ron Paul says he would consider place for true liberal Dennis Kucinich in his cabinet

Military's Stuxnet virus has opened Pandora's box for copycat cyber attacks

Turkey talks of Israeli grievances to UN General Assembly while Iranian leader offers intolerable dose of reality for U.S. delegation

Iran, Israel trade accusations over nuclear aspirations and scientist murders

Ami Ayalon says Israel could do much more for peace, losing asymmetric war with Palestinians, reality is two states already exist

Failure of U.S.-backed peace process: Palestinian leader shakes head during trite, patronizing Obama speech

Obama administration establishing new drone bases in Horn of Africa and Arabian Peninsula

NATO officially agrees on 3-month extension of Libyan campaign

Public sector debt and deficits degenerating on every level in the UK year over year

IMF says debt crisis has generated 300 billion euro credit risk for European banks, calls for more "capital injections"

Costas Lapavitsas: Greece must reject catastrophic results of neoliberal ideology, default, and leave the European Union

Standard and Poor's downgrades ratings on seven Italian banks

Illinois judge throws out case against man facing 75 years for "eavesdropping" on police

WWII veteran and legendary performer Tony Bennett: U.S. caused 9/11, George Bush conceded possible mistake on Iraq War to him

Insurance giant Lloyd's of London suing Saudi Arabia for funding 9/11 attacks

New evidence uncovered links Saudi royals to 9/11 hijackers

Economist Lawrence Kotlikoff: United States Government broke, worse long-term fiscal shape than Greece

Record demand for Royal Canadian Mint's silver bullion coin

Stephen Leeb says Chinese gold consumption going exponential

Marc Faber: current market drops opening act to coming financial catastrophe

35 bodies dumped in downtown Boca del Rio

Ethnic Albanians waging quiet war, systematically isolating Serbs in Kosovo

Some men more equal than others: civilian deaths in Libya at the hands of NTC and NATO

French lawyers to sue Sarkozy for war crimes over Libya; ex-French foreign minister says states now claiming the right to kill against international law; NATO bombing a deliberate campaign of terror; case to test if western justice a farce

Switzerland's UBS bank looking at no-bonus situation after $2.3 billion loss

European central banks become net buyers of gold for first time in over 20 years

Government records show Obama administration restructured Federal loans to Solyndra to protect connected private interests in case of default

Recordings suggest evidence being withheld in ATF gun-running operation

Cazenove's Robin Griffiths: future is not a pretty picture, all western markets in secular downtrend, ingredients for crash are in place, gold an essential investment, peak oil production has already occurred

Saudi Arabia to pay $200 million to Palestinian Authority

Standard and Poor's downgrades Italian debt rating

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman says members would "probably be marching on the White House" under current conditions if Obama were not president

American Legislative Exchange Council continues crafting legislation to support prison industry

Ron Paul wins California straw poll

California legislature ban open-carry of firearms; bill awaits signature of Governor Brown

Obama deficit reduction approach: $1.5 trillion in new taxes

Senior exec with Libyan Investment Authority says ex-PM Tony Blair lobbied for JP Morgan banking deals

NATO warplanes attack Sirte; Gadaffi claim capture of French and British technical experts

Frustrated Libyan NTC forces struggle to capture remaining Gadaffi strongholds

Turkish Foreign Minister talks of Turkish-Egyptian "axis of democracy... real democracy"

Monetary expert testifies current dollar is dishonest and invalid note in Ron Paul Congressional hearing on sound money; Constitution requires dollar be a weight of silver

John Hathaway of Tocqueville Asset Management writes "gold has been the opportunity of this investment lifetime... remains under owned.. advance is but one aspect of a much bigger picture"

Former Senator calls for much needed reinvestigation of 9/11; final report censured; cover-up of hijacker contacts; learning things not made available immediately after attacks; significant unanswered questions

Former FBI agent says 9/11 preventable, torture ineffective in 8-year recount of counterterrorism work

New York Daily News runs blatant hit piece of Ron Paul, try to discredit candidate with "scary vision"

Cazenove's Robin Griffiths thinks gold bull market still in early stages

Grim sign of the times: dumpster diving becomes popular new American trend

Declassified cable reveals discussion of trade war, use of "evil tricks" to force Chinese purchase of U.S. Treasury bonds open to devaluation

European Central Bank announces "liquidity-providing operations" coordinated with Federal Reserve, Bank of England, Bank of Japan, and Swiss National Bank

Border Patrol finds array of weapons along stretch of Rio Grande in Texas

Foreclosure listing firm RealtyTrac says initial default notices jumped 33 % from July to August

Peter Schiff Congressional testimony: Government stimulus will never grow U.S. economy, higher interest rates and savings needed, value of employees must outweigh regulatory cost, currently no capital for capitalism, Wall Street encouraged to recklessly gamble, national sales tax needed replacing all others, must recreate American industrial environment

Perpetual war: U.S. officials now saying Al Qaida threat in Africa making up for lost strength in Asia

Democratic Party feeling nervous after two consecutive electoral losses; viewed as statements against Obama

New swell of foreclosures; Bank of America notices up over 200 % month-to-month

U.S. Government maneuvering to block UN vote on Palestinian recognition

Former President Jimmy Carter backs Palestinian bid for recognition

Israeli PM tells army radio border fence with Egypt meant to block all infiltrators

CIA offers assurances partnership with NYPD will be investigated

Chinese gun prohibition fails to prevent violence; crazed man kills 6 in ax-wielding rampage on outskirts of Gongyi

Drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis spreading in Europe

Research paper suggests overuse of antibiotic creams contributing to rise of more potent bacteria

Solyndra loan under investigation; e-mails show Vice President Biden allegedly pushed deal for political gain

Donald Trump accepts 96 ounces of gold as deposit in real estate deal

Moody's downgrades credit rating of top French banks Societe Generale and Credit Agricole

Morgan Stanley Capital International price index for European banks shows falling confidence

Societe Generale's Dylan Grice writes systemic dishonesty around globe combined with currency printing puts fair value of gold at $10,000

Jefferies' chief market strategist David Zervos pens blistering report on European financial collapse

Jim Rickards: next few years will see transformation of global monetary system into gold

Technical analysis shows gold and silver poised to repeat 1980-style surge

Gaddafi spokesman Moussa Ibrahim says leader regrouping, backed by large forces

Mahdi Nazemroaya tells GRTV of NATO war crimes, al Qaida presence, mercenary use in Libya during 2 months in country

Trend forecaster Gerald Celente describes Obama jobs speech as part of a political circus filled with rhetoric and more empty promises

MEP Nigel Farage rips Barroso: European economic governance is dictatorship, democracy killed in Greece, seeds of revolution being sown

European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso says Europe in fight for economic and political future

Peter Schiff calls for unbridled capitalism to revive U.S. economy

Swiss Parliament member implores Europeans to stand up for their civilization

Europe bracing for African immigrant influx

Florida teacher suspended over "white" comments

British increasingly feeling society and culture under threat after riots

Stephen Leeb: U.S. is in undeclared resource war with China; over $100 per ounce silver inevitable

Palestinian Liberation Organization to seek full United Nations recognition

Ron Paul continues to gain support

Morgan Stanley expects continued strong demand for gold

John Embry: gold volatility is orchestrated to frighten timid participants, paper market is a fraud

Inflation rises in United Kingdom as cost of food, clothing, and energy move up

Report finds business can flourish with transition to renewable energy

Samsung expects solar market to double by 2020

Taliban claiming success with new anti-aircraft weapons

NOAA reports U.S. experiencing second-warmest summer on record; warmest ever for Texas

Azerbaijan forests caught in logging tug-of-war

UN Secretary General visits Pacific islands to get first-hand look at climate change

Bhutan evaluates threat of climate change and coping strategies; glacier melt expected to trigger serious consequences

Global reforestation plan hoped to protect climate while creating jobs

Amnesty International finds new, NATO-backed Libya replete with torture and murder

Man killed in explosion at French nuclear waste processing plant; authorities assure no radioactive leak

Oil explosion kills hundreds in Kenyan slum

Taliban attacks rock "secure" zone of Kabul

French banks face credit ratings cut to reflect Greek holdings

Germany studying Greek debt options; consider return to drachma; European banking system teetering

TSA agents, police officers arrested in massive drug-trafficking ring

Americans living in poverty rises to highest levels since 1993; third consecutive annual increase

Pressure mounts on German Chancellor to "rescue" Europe and euro

Reverse colonization: Italy turning to China for financial rescue

China Development Bank puts up $1 billion in loans to Caribbean nations

After destabilizing Libya, NATO warns country could fall into "extremist" hands

Obama reverses earlier promise; U.S. boots now on the ground in Libya

U.S. approves plan for Taliban political office

Bill Fleckenstein calls notion of gold in a bubble preposterous

New television drama uses surveillance photos of public in advertising

Author of Transportation Security Administration legislation gives agency "D-" grade, calls it "complete fiasco"

Popular weed killer turning up in the rain and air; herbicide may be altering hormones, disrupting chemical pathways of humans

Weekly report shows rise in initial unemployment claims

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon complains about new Federal Reserve-backed rules

Court documents show private U.S. firms profiting from rendition-to-torture flights

Iceland puts ex-premier on trial over financial collapse

Ford Motor Company building $1 billion manufacturing complex in India

Occupation nations' oil companies land lucrative Iraqi oil deals

Atmospheric sciences professor finds clouds are not causing climate change; humans still chief culprit

Russian environmental service confirms toxic waste spill in river

Trend expert Doug Casey in no-holds-barred interview says U.S. headed into depression, breakdown of the dollar happening right now, civil unrest a certainty, political resolutions a pipe dream

Real unemployment over 22 %

Marc Faber: no signs of a gold bubble

Swiss National Bank decision to peg to euro lends further strength to gold run

Nouriel Roubini sees oncoming depression without massive stimulus

Paul Craig Roberts: official explanation of 9/11 attacks not holding up to scrutiny as time passes

IDF general says likelihood of regional Mideast war is growing

Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals rules police officer cannot enter home over a minor traffic violation

Incarceration nation: Arizona imposing $25 fee to visit inmates

Disclosures reveal reasons behind China's gold accumulation

Documents show cozy relationship between western intelligence agencies and Gadaffi

Gadaffi on the run using British-supplied communications equipment

Gadaffi intelligence bunker run on Israeli equipment by Israelis

Former Reagan economic advisor Kotlikoff says U.S.A. actually $211 trillion in debt

Bubble architect Alan Greenspan points out the obvious: the euro is breaking down

Post Office may be forced into winter shut down; seeks end of Saturday delivery, closure for thousands of locations, mass layoffs

Deutsche Bank CEO admits European banks would not survive sovereign debt revaluation

"Rush to safety" means relentless climb of gold as stocks fall

Wildfires prompt evacuations across central Texas

Dolefin asset manager predicts $6,000 gold, $600 silver; says no safe currencies remain

Detroit mother refusing to submit to police state cleared of charges; victory for parental rights and liberty

Mike Pento says, "never buy Treasuries" and "have to be bullish on gold"

After NATO helps conquest, U.S. intelligence agencies now reporting Libyan rebels strategizing on establishment of Islamist state

Russian oil exports catching up to Saudi Arabia

U.S. drone strike kills 7 in northwest Pakistan

3,300 California state workers on notice for layoffs

Wasteful Homeland Security grants to Texas include spending $24,000 on latrine

Israel's MaxTech signs strategic collaboration deal with General Dynamics

China orders Conoco Phillips to stop drilling after spills

Russian government announces 2.4 billion ruble program for 10 nature reserves and 2 national parks

Libyan militants inherit Scud missiles

Hundreds of former Blackwater mercenaries remained in Iraq

U.S. troops facing new, fierce, more competent militant threat in Iraq; group warns U.S. occupiers to leave or face further attacks

White flight: minorities the majority in eight of America's largest metropolitan areas

Failure of affirmative action illustrated as black Africans surpass black Americans on nation's campuses

Leaked diplomatic cables highlight Israeli army efforts to use force against peaceful protestors

Negotiations over Gadaffi stronghold collapse; locals not showing support for rebels

Columbia University's Jeffrey Sachs says human behavior is increasing the frequency and severity of natural disasters

Banking analyst Chris Whalen says we must think about the limits of growth

Mexican federal police cross U.S. border, shoot at American citizens

China's non-manufacturing sector slowed in August

Prominent economist Nouriel Roubini says present economic situation worse than 2008

Daily Treasury statement shows publicly held debt of Federal Government tops $10,000,000,000,000

NATO "humanitarian" intervention in Syria a path to world war

Small business and entrepreneurs struggling, not able to generate jobs

Possibility of return to gold standard attracting new fans

Marc Faber tells Bloomberg radio Ron Paul is portrayed as an oddball because he's honest; system is corrupt; markets are rigged

Catherine Austin Fitts calls 9/11 a "fantastically profitable covert operation" representative of the "central banking-warfare investment model"

Goldman Sachs secretly telling hedge fund clients to prepare for economic calamity

Operation Twist to reshuffle money for further quantitative easing

After bailout, U.S. Government suing 17 financial firms

U.S. Army kill team posed in photos with murdered Afghan civilians

Libyan rebels reportedly killing blacks indiscriminately

Thousands of Libyan blacks being rounded up by NATO-backed forces

Second giant ice island set to break off Greenland glacier

No housing bottom in sight

U.S. taxpayers stuck with 248,000 repossessed homes

PFS Group's Chris Puplava writes that global economy hanging by a thread

Environmentalists incensed by Obama's abandonment of tighter ozone standards