As of Monday October 31, 2011

NATO declares success and end of 7-month Libya campaign as Al Qaida allies celebrate

Judge Andrew Napolitano: Americans are less free resultant from U.S. foreign wars

Peter Schiff: growth is phony, Americans doing worse in the "recovery" than in the official recession

Investing legend Jim Rogers says latest Greek deal cannot save Europe, politicians have only delayed the problem yet again

Video shows assurances of cold shutdown at Fukushima reactor are a lie; French government says Fukushima will make Pacific twice as radioactive as from atmospheric nuclear weapons testing in 1960s

Ron Paul wins both tallies at National Federation of Republican Assemblies Presidential Straw Poll

Obama plans to bolster American military presence in Persian Gulf after Iraq withdrawal

Washington ready to negotiate with Taliban's Mullah Omar

Nashville night court commissioner bucks police state, orders release of 29 Occupy protestors; cites lack of lawful basis for arrest and charge

Active-duty National Guardsman shows up in uniform to support Oakland Occupy protest

Denver police use tear gas, rubber bullets, batons and pepper spray on Occupy protesters

Second Amendment protecting First: armed citizen militia shows up to lend support at Occupy protest in Phoenix

Author of climate change report on polar bears to face lie detector test

Skeptical MIT scientist Richard Lindzen: global warming is a fact, average temperatures rising since 1950

Professor Judith Curry levels accusations at colleague and former global-warming skeptic Richard Muller

New Hampshire state House committee recommend passage of no-permit gun-carry bill

Chris Martenson writes on critical fact: economy relies on perpetual growth since system is based on credit

More organisms likely to shrink body size in response to climate change; could negatively affect human food sources

TSA decides to fire screener; victim reiterates broader intrusion on privacy and loss of civil liberties

Dire reaction: Italian bond yields rise one day after European debt deal

Two-tour Iraq war veteran has skull fractured by police at Occupy protest in Oakland

Ron Paul keeps idea of third-party run alive

Peter Schiff stirs up Occupy Wall Street representing 1 %

Small investors spur rise of gold bourses across China

Proposal in Super Committee include $1.3 trillion in new taxes

James Dine: governments the world over are stealing capital through currency devaluation game

Congressman John Mica says failure rate of Transportation Security Administration "would absolutely knock your socks off"

GEAB bulletin warns ongoing global geopolitical dislocation will lead to decimation of Western banks in first half of 2012

Chris Martenson: world economy trying to get more and more out of less and less, near summit of Peak Oil, getting less back for our efforts

Bank of America analyst's note predicts another downgrade to U.S. debt by December

Iraq rejects U.S. request to retain bases after troop withdrawal

World population could double to 15 billion by end of century

European Council president proposes single European treasury

Mexican truckers set to deliver into United States as NAFTA provision approved

Skeptical climate scientists concede Earth has warmed following own surface temperature project

Texas officials censored report on Galveston bay; deleted mention of human-induced climate change and rising sea levels

Marine Corps veteran Adam Kokesh embarrasses University of Alabama police; encourages students to assert rights

Scientific analysis confirms transnational corporations and small banking elite in control of world economy

Bank of America transfers derivatives to subsidiary with insured deposits

U.S. Government debt per capita expected to exceed per-capita gross domestic product this year

China makes massive purchase of physical gold

China opted out of buying spree on U.S. Treasury securities in August

Bank of England meeting minutes show committee considered 100 billion pound injection in quantitative easing

Tokyo air filters showing an increase in radiation from prior months; Fukushima cesium airborne again

Secretary Janet Napolitano tells Senate that Homeland Security Department currently authorizing illegal aliens to work

Number of underemployed workers rose for third consecutive month in September

Average individual now has $1,315 less in disposable income than three years ago

Misery index rises to 28-year high in United States

Rasmussen Reports telephone survey places Ron Paul in top three of Republican candidates

Ex-MI5 agent Annie Machon says NATO effort in Libya highlights "rank hypocrisy" of Western nations

Gaddafi reportedly murdered after capture in Sirte

Transportation Security Administration checkpoints in place on Tennessee highways; random inspections being conducted

Washington, D.C. now the wealthiest U.S. metropolitan area

ICE deportation officer arrested for drug smuggling

Ex-Clinton Secretary Robert Reich calls for more Government spending; conflates limited government with austerity

Violent protests rack Athens

Kurdish Workers Party attack kills 24 Turkish soldiers

Ron Paul campaign takes in $8.2 million

Real deal: Ron Paul to propose $1 trillion specific budget cuts

Texas high school students pledge allegiance to Mexico

Greeks plan for 48 hour, general strike

Prime Minister Papandreou laments struggle while continuing complicity in raising burden on Greek citizens

Theatre of the absurd: G20 tells Europe to decisively fix debt crisis in 8 days

San Francisco Gate blames "tax revolt" for California fiscal destitution; ignores government spending

Obama presses UN weapons inspectors to release information corroborating fabled Iranian threat

Cocktail of chaos: London climate and health conference ponders falling food yields, water scarcity, pollution, climate change, resource depletion, and population rise

World population breaching 7 billion

Jim Rogers foresees stagflation worse than 1970s

Gold standard: CNBC acknowledges $10,000 dollar spot price to account for U.S. monetary base

Bond guru Bill Gross makes huge bet predicated on collapsing yields

Ex-CIA Middle East field officer Robert Baer finds motive in supposed Iranian assassination plot unconvincing and out of professional-character

Notorious filmmaker Michael Moore admits "huge problem" with Federal Reserve and calls money printing for corporate benefit an "outrage"

Treasury Department officials testify: never before seen Government handle loan as Energy Department handled $528 million to Solyndra

Traffic in hand grenade components also part of Operation Fast and Furious

Community Living Assistance Services and Supports program abandoned as another untenable segment of healthcare overhaul

Obama deploys troops to central Africa against Ugandan rebels

At least 16 killed in two Baghdad bomb blast

Sharp quarterly rise in foreclosures as banks move against more delinquent borrowers in backlog

Oxfam Scotland says poor facing food shortages reminiscent of World War II rationing

Police state: Louisiana bans cash transactions, will take private property without due process

Bigger gap between rich and poor leaving U.S. more vulnerable to recurring crises and instability

Amnesty International urge Canadian authorities to arrest and prosecute or extradite former U.S. President George W. Bush for role in torture

Gadaffi loyalists in Sirte making last stand in small pocket of resistance; NTC forces firing at buildings with tanks

Galleon Group's Raj Rajaratnam sentenced to 11 years in prison for insider trading

Slovakia approves new powers in re-vote on euro zone rescue fund

New strikes in Greece; protestors walk off job to block property tax

Republican strategist Jack Burkman sees real possibility of Ron Paul nomination

Ex-NYPD narcotics detective testifies it was common practice to fabricate drug charges

Solyndra fund raiser and Obama campaign bundler paid no taxes for years; bailout reward for political support

Judge joins Monsanto law firm after ruling against consumers' food rights weeks before

Smuggled Libyan weapons flood into Egypt

Former super spy, Dr. Steve Pieczenik, says U.S. and Israel to attack Iran under cover of bogus assassination plot

War drums: Obama says no options off the table with Iran

Experts and foreign leaders take skeptical view of latest U.S. claim of Iranian assassination plot

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin says U.S. lacking financial discipline, feeding off dollar monopoly as global reserve currency

Commodity Futures Trading Commission rumored to have necessary votes to pass rule on position limits

German polar mission finds thin ice floes and warm water; support trend of unrelenting sea ice destruction

Economasochism: House of Representatives pass legislation for free-trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama

Report finds possible exaggeration of NATO success in Afghanistan, raids not surgical, language misrepresenting reality

Values Voter Summit organizers dismiss own poll after Ron Paul victory

Sheriff Paul Babeu minces no words, says ATF accomplices to murder on national television

Wall Street puts New York City police on payroll to act as private thugs

Trader sees convincing argument for precious metals sell-off being engineered by central bank agents

Rick Rule: volatility aside, gold price inevitably going higher

Capitol police arrest "Occupy Wall Street" protestors in Washington, D.C.

Economist David Kauders sees housing prices set for further crash

UK Chancellor of the Exchequer says pre-2008 British bank practices resembled Ponzi schemes

Oil and gas report for United Kingdom finds possible continental-shelf resource exhaustion in 17 years at current production rate

SunPower receives bigger lifeline than Solyndra despite $820 million debt; champion CA Congressman is father of company lobbyist

Economist Nouriel Roubini sees double-dip recession as certainty

Warrantless cell phone searches to continue in California: Gov. Brown veto on legislation maintains broad police power

Transportation Security Administration announces 29 more airports set to receive imaging machines

Utah Monetary Summit attendees gather to discuss future of gold and silver

Fast and Furious: weapons from ATF trafficking operation found in Mexican enforcer's home in Cuidad Juarez

Authoritarian America: secret Obama administration memo made case to kill U.S. citizen without trial

Jim Rickards says China the sucker at global dollar-poker table; stuck with trillions in paper

American Silver Eagle bullion coins shatter sales record

Ben Davies: we're going through the death throes of the fractional reserve system; buy gold

Jim Rogers and Gerald Celente agree: hold on to gold and silver

Obama administration e-mails show Energy Department officials warned restructuring Solyndra loan could violate law; officials proceeded with deal repaying investors before taxpayers

Ron Paul wins Values Voter Summit Straw Poll

Congressman Dennis Kucinich voices support for Occupy Wall Street; calls for nationalization of Federal Reserve

Market manipulation: physical silver running out as spot price fails to reflect true investment demand

New American economy: Florida car dealership taking horses, artwork, and other items in trades

NATO-backed NTC forces bombard city with tank shells and rockets

Biggest NTC offensive in 3 weeks aims to crush resistance in Sirte

Rape of Greece: austerity breeds new generation of homeless

Marine Le Pen: organize a prepared exit plan from the eurozone for Greece

Le Pen anti-globalist message resonating with French voters

Moodys ratings agency lowers rating of twelve UK financial institutions

Moodys ratings agency lowers rating of nine Portuguese banks

Fitch ratings agency lowers Italian and Spanish credit ratings

End of Verizon strike boosts payroll figures; Lanor Department reports jobless rate holding at 9.1 percent

Thieves steal vegetables from Indianapolis community garden

Computer virus infects U.S. drone fleet

Protestors beaten and sprayed by New York City police

Federal prosecutors threaten California marijuana dispensaries with criminal charges and property confiscation

Panel of senior Government officials putting U.S. citizens on kill list

Pew Research Center finds only one-third of recent veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan believe both wars worth fighting and one-third say neither

Russia for Russians: nationalists ready for 20,000-strong march in Moscow

Germany of non-Germans: one-fifth of population now immigrants

Federal lawsuit alleges Hampton Inn in Colorado fired non-Hispanic workers under belief they were lazy, replaced with Latinos

UNESCO executive committee backs Palestinian bid for statehood

Russia and China veto Security Council resolution threatening action against Syria

Italian admiral admits over 10,000 Libyan missiles unaccounted for, including 5,000 man-portable anti-aircraft missiles

Humanitarian crisis unfolding in Sirte as NTC forces fight into city center and artillery and rocket fire from Gadaffi loyalists falls silent

September job cuts 126 percent higher than August

Total U.S. debt now $14.856 trillion; 98.9 % of gross domestic product

Renowned statistician John Williams says U.S. stuck in recession, hyperinflation delayed, temporary growth achieved through debt expansion

Removal process begun on two Elwha River dams inside Olympic National Park; largest to be torn down in American history

Modeling study shows population increase will have bigger mid-term effect on crop yields than climate change

Unprecedented loss in Arctic ozone layer

Great Lakes shores clogged by algae blooms fed by agricultural run-off as invasive mussels decimate deep water food chain

University of Florida study finds Florida has more invasive species than anywhere else in the world

Emergency water supplies brought to drought stricken Pacific island nation of Tokelau

Documents obtained by CBS News show Attorney General received Fast-and-Furious briefings back to July 2010

ATF personnel shuffle moves guilty parties of Operation Fast and Furious into new assignments

House Oversight chairman demanding Attorney General Holder admit prior knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious; cites memos of direct subordinates intimately involved

Rasmussen poll for week ending October 2nd shows Obama defeated by "generic Republican" by 6 percent

Obama administration was prepared to give additional $469 million to Solyndra

Saudi Arabian police break up small protests by so-called seditious residents

Riot police clash with protestors in Athens; public workers strike

Unions endorse "Occupy Wall Street"

"Occupy Wall Street" protests gaining momentum

Mysterious surge in U.S. stock market scares investors

Activist hacker group Anonymous releases securities analysis report showing "one of the Hong Kong exchange's largest, and longest running frauds"

John Embry says long-term sustainability of "paper shenanigans" in metals markets is zero; silver completely flushed to the downside

Senator Dick Durbin advises customers to leave Bank of America

Qatari Royal family plans $10 billion stake in gold producers through sovereign wealth fund

Government sanctioned accounting fraud: four biggest banks in America have $235 trillion in over-the-counter derivative exposure; 50-to-1 leverage at $5 trillion in supposed assets

CME group accepting more physical gold collateral on margin requirements for futures contracts

Federal Reserve prepared to take further steps to help economy "close to faltering"

World's biggest bond fund manager global economy risks recession with growth falling below "new normal"

National Renewable Energy Lab laying off 10 percent of staff despite $200 million in stimulus

Figures show shrinking Greek economy and tax revenue