As of Tuesday November 29, 2011

Bailout earnings revealed in newly released documents: secret Federal Reserve loans at below-market rates gave banks $13 billion from August 2007 through April 2010

Australian gold output declines with lower-grade ore processing

Demand for gold bars and coins in United Arab Emirates rises 12 percent year-over-year in third quarter 2011

Federal Aviation Administration says drones could patrol domestic skies; agency looks into easing restrictions for police use

Senator Rand Paul counters grotesque McCain proposal for defense authorization bill sidestepping due process

Super flu: Dutch researcher creates highly contagious, airborne strain of lethal avian influenza

Cabinet resigns after demands for Kuwaiti prime minister to step down over allegations of corruption

ISAF spokesman says NATO strike on Pakistanis an act of self-defense

U.S. airstrike ravages ties after 24 Pakistani soldiers killed at military outpost

New study incorporating ancient data reduces uncertainty in climate projections

Central Texas town just weeks away from running out of water

Sale of Italian debt heightens eurozone stress

Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation sees British economy slipping back into recession in 2012

British embassies told to draw up contingency plans for riots in event of euro collapse

Sarkozy and Merkel lament Italian collapse under debt load would be "end of the euro"

Iranian Revolutionary Guards General promises comprehensive regional retaliatory response to any Israeli or U.S. attack

Syria reportedly received Russian S-300 air defense missile system

Six children among Afghans killed in NATO airstrike

Triple bombing in Iraq kills 19, wounds 64

Iranian authorities arrests 12 CIA agents for targeting nuclear program

Occupy activists plan to "occupy" retailers on Black Friday

Mainstream "Tea Party" groups unite to promote consumerism on Black Friday; slam "irresponsible" Occupy Wall Street movement

Ron Paul steadily moving toward position of strength in Iowa

Mexican authorities find 26 bodies inside abandoned vehicles in Guadalajara

Indictment shows agent killed by Mexicans stalking U.S. Border Patrol with ATF-provided rifles

Russian missiles will target proposed U.S. missile defense sites in Europe

No excuses: Chinese official says economic crisis should not preclude response to climate crisis

Tampa police bring out armored personnel carrier in response to Occupy protestors

Faculty demanding University of California at Davis chancellor step down after campus police pepper spray student Occupy demonstrators

Britain's Financial Services Authority fines JPMorgan 33.32 million pounds for mixing client funds with own futures and options business

Jim Rogers: 100 % chance of another 2008-style global financial crash

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi captured in near Ubari in southern Libyan desert

Super Committee deadlocked on deficit reduction; Democrats want more tax revenue as part of so-called shared sacrifice

Ron Paul "gaining traction" in Iowa

Britain in talks with Syrian rebels

LEAP foresees $30 trillion in dollar-based assets disappearing by early 2013; crisis entering phase of widespread discounting of public debt and fragmentation of global financial markets; European debt will detonate U.S. bomb

Spanish banks holding about 30 billion euros ($41 billion) of "unsellable" real estate according to risk adviser to Banco Santander SA (SAN) and five other lenders

Egyptians back in Cairo's Tahrir Square for anti-military protests, 10 months after Mubarak’s ouster

Infamous Stuxnet worm may be behind missile explosion at Iranian base; order for missile to explode came from computer

Pentagon announces target hit at Kwajalein Atoll by new, long range, hypersonic, glide bomb under test

Army general says U.S. troops in Uganda to remain until Lord's Resistance Army leader killed or captured

Russia warships to enter Syrian waters in move assumed to deter foreign intervention

"Outside forces should not, under any pretext, get involved," Chinese premier says of South China Sea maritime dispute in veiled warning to U.S.

Occupy London takes over abandoned office block belonging to UBS bank

Maine officials violate local food freedom ordinance by suing man for selling raw milk from farm

Genetic privacy: Minnesota Supreme Court ruling to limit use of blood samples collected from newborns by government

Antibiotic-resistant infections spread through Europe

Climate scientists issue report warning of unprecedented heat waves, floods, droughts and storms; some events caused by increase in man-made greenhouse gases in atmosphere

More than 2,600 barrels of oil may have spilled into Atlantic ocean, leak at Brazilian offshore drilling site for Chevron

Zionists pushing for attack on Iran

Land in and around Fukushima now too radioactive to farm

Authoritarian America: Department of Homeland Security police force makes political arrests in Portland

Israeli apartheid: Palestinian activists board settler buses to challenge segregation; 8 arrested and questioned by internal intelligence agency

Paul Brodsky: gold trading at what appears to be an 80 % discount to its intrinsic value

Pento Portfolio Strategies' Michael Pento foresees European recession in 2012 due to full-blown bond market crisis; governments choosing default by inflation in monetizing debt, advises gold holdings to protect from crumbling currencies

Anthony Harrington: bankers' coup as technocrats seek to form workable, un-elected governments in Italy and Greece

Ann Barnhardt ceasing capital management operation; cites futures and options markets that are no longer viable; recommends everyone withdraw from markets as soon as possible; markets no longer functioning with integrity, suicidal risk, rule of law non-existent, criminal political cronyism rules

Fitch Ratings says American banks face "serious risk" of deterioration from deepening and spreading European crisis

More taxes: Republican plan out of Super Committee goes after itemized deductions to squeeze $290 billion out of middle class over 10 years

Man accused of firing two shots at White House charged with attempted assassination

Free Syrian Army attacks air force intelligence base in suburbs of Damascus

Russian Foreign Minister says situation in Syria starting to resemble civil war

Chief of the General Staff of the Russian armed forces warns Russia may be drawn into nuclear war

Rasmussen telephone survey sees Ron Paul at 10 % in Iowa

Occupy protestors block downtown Los Angeles traffic; 23 arrested

Police fire tear gas at protesters in Athens as 50,000 Greeks call for "EU, IMF out!"

Occupy London protesters remain encamped outside St Paul's Cathedral despite legal deadline to leave

Latest IUCN red list assessment finds 25 % of mammals at risk of extinction

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation: new book reveals cruelty and horrors of mega farm industry

Taxpayer dollars to industrial-farm pockets: closed-door farm bill primed for passage via Super Committee

Violence inevitable as peaceful protest made impossible: Occupy protesters calling for day of action following loss of Zuccotti Park camp

Polling puts Ron Paul in second in New Hampshire

Privately run community awareness program playing up hysteria of terrorism in Colorado; teach terrorist is "your best neighbor, your best pal"

U.S. military says newly unveiled 30,000-lb bunker-busting bomb not for Iran in particular, only to "develop a capability we believe we need"

German majority enthusiastically grappling with startup costs and transition to renewable energy after commitment to nuclear power phase out

Analysis Group reports $1.6 billion economic value added from Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in ten northeastern states

Oil closes back over $100

U.S. may soon announce plans for large sale of precision-guided bombs to United Arab Emirates

Imperium in the Outback: Australia to host U.S. Marine task force

Transportation Security Administration breaks promise to conduct new independent study of X-ray body scanners

Treasury Department raises estimate of losses from auto industry bailout in face of General Motors' stock decline; expect to lose $23.6 billion rather than $14.33 billion

Fealty to Obama rewarded: Robert Kennedy Jr. gets $1.4 billion bailout for BrightSource

Political theatre: House Speaker Boehner meets Senate Majority Leader Reid as committee looks toward November 23 deadline for trivial $1.2 trillion deficit reduction over 10 years

Total U.S. debt now $15.033 trillion; ever closer to statutory limit of $15.194 trillion set in August

E-mails show Obama administration asked for delay in Solyndra layoff announcement until after November 2010 midterm elections

Former head of Saudi Arabia intelligence services calls talk of attack on Iran "foolish"

Judge backs violent clearing of Occupy protestors from New York's Zuccotti Park

Iowa poll shows Ron Paul in second place with 19 %

RDN Associates' Roger Nightingale: European recession a foregone conclusion, politicians and bankers tasked with delivering solutions caused all the problems

Supreme Court will hear arguments over Obama health care overhaul

Chinese press tells U.S. to put its own house in order in response to Obama claims at APEC

Max Keiser: "zombie bankers" dragging Europe into "hell"; level of larceny and theft not seen since 1930s' Germany

Police "snatch squads" caught on camera at London student rally

Chinese economists say China on brink of economic collapse, financial crisis imminent; false prosperity coming at expense of environment, predicated on external resources; akin to out-of-control train ready to derail

Fleecing of Canada: number of federal public servants earning more than $100,000 a year nearly doubles

Stephen Leeb: $5,000 gold more likely now than $1,400 as Federal Reserve will almost certainly ease again

Profit via paranoia: surface-to-air missiles being discussed as protective measure for London Olympics

Members of Congress trading stocks on inside information

Riot police clear Occupy Oakland encampment

Israeli hand suspected in huge blast at Iranian military base

"I'm watching a bank run... the whole Keynesian model... has been an utter failure," says Irish financial expert Eddie Hobbs in blunt assessment of eurozone crisis; investors not putting their money in Italian bonds

Thousands gather in Fukuoka to call for dismantling of all nuclear power plants in Japan

Fukushima general manager claims nuclear plant is stabilized; reporters given access

Chief of Staff of Iraqi Joint Forces General Babaker Zebari calling for expansion of military cooperation with Iran

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says global hegemons dividing and conquering Middle East

Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming says renminbi exchange rate at reasonable level, adjustment can't fix U.S. trade deficit

Journalist Glenn Greenwald says Occupy movement coverage biased as mainstream media now embedded with elite class that movement is protesting

Stalled Spanish economy heads back toward recession

German coal mines set to lose subsidies; mining company Ruhrkohle AG contemplating ambitious "green" energy replacements using existing mine shafts

Majority of 583 scientists involved in wildlife protection surveyed agree on triage system for endangered species in face of daunting scale of human-driven extinction

Leading polar scientist warns “cryosphere” of Earth showing unequivocal signs of climate change as global warming accelerates melting

Globalism: western pharmaceutical companies using India as drug testing-ground

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura says his case shows "the Bills of Rights doesn't exist anymore"

Zionist occupied government: Israeli advocate Dennis Ross leaving White House for pro-Israel think tank

Taliban claims to have government's security plans for upcoming Loya Jirga

Egyptian political groups give ruling generals deadline on withdrawal of constitutional proposal shielding army from parliamentary oversight

Sudanese rebels form alliance to oust ruling government

Syrian media renames Arab League the "American League" for alleged adherence to U.S. agenda

Local Coordination Committees reports 26 dead in Syrian clashes

Free Syrian Army group using rocket propelled grenades and machine guns against government; call for no-fly zone and foreign armaments

China's biggest ratings agency, Dagong Global Credit Rating, warns it may downgrade the U.S. sovereign debt rating again

German government simulating range of scenarios to prepare for a possible exit of Greece from the euro zone

European Financial Stability Facility resorts to buying its own bonds to meet support targets

Globalist banker Lucas Papdemos appointed interim prime minister of Greece

Third quarter negative equity rises to 28.6 % of single-family homes with mortgages from 26.8 % in second quarter; 14.6 million borrowers in danger of default or already in foreclosure process; over 50 % of all mortgaged households in U.S. "effectively underwater"

PIMCO's Mohamed El-Erian says U.S. policy of shuffling debt a mistake, economy stalling

Libya after Gaddafi: fighting between rival militias leaves at least 4 dead

Russian Prime Minster Putin calls NATO action in Libya "complete scandal"

Libyan mercenaries, rockets reportedly arrive in Palestinian territory

Investor confidence in eurozone collapsing, yields on Italian bonds soaring

James Turk on crisis of socialism: euro drop, Dexia and MF Global collapses show next crisis is brewing and financial structure will be brought to its knees

Tangent Capital Markets' Jim Rickards says precious metals price manipulation will eventually succumb to real markets

Ron Paul: nothing good will come out of the Super Committee, politicians "doing something" is part of the problem, spending cuts are illusory

Federal Reserve sells $24 billion in holdings, borrows $43 billion from foreign central banks and issues $7 billion in new currency in moves to cover nearly $84 billion in withdrawals; holdings sale contradicts stated policy of $2.654 trillion in System Open Market Account

Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi admits mistakes after humiliation in Parliament

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer tells Government lawyer that outcome of GPS tracking case could "suddenly produce what sounds like 1984"

California man comes forward to reveal finding two GPS trackers placed on his vehicle without warrant

Fresno Country Sheriffs tell citizens local penal code trumps First Amendment rights while making arrests at peaceful assembly

Foreign policy experts from MIT and CATO Institute agree with Ron Paul's controversial suggestion for global withdrawal

International Atomic Energy Agency report fails to produce smoking gun on Iranian nuclear ambitions

Iran plans to sue United States for terrorist threats

French President Sarkozy calls Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu "a liar," Obama laments daily dealings with Netanyahu

Obama administration forced by reality to back off of Iran sanctions

Ron Paul: modern presidency dangerously close to an elective dictatorship

Nouriel Roubini says Goldman Sachs and other major financial players could fold

Violence inevitable as peaceful protest made impossible: District of Columbia police chief vows to get tough on Occupy movement

New York Police using towers to watch Occupy protestors

London police prepare for demonstrations; given okay to use baton rounds for first time outside Northern Ireland

Totalitarian democracy; Deputy Homeland Security Director says “you would never know” if you're being watched by new spying street lights

Tennessee welcomes Transportation Security Administration highway random searches

Oakland police attacking peaceful protestors

Former Navy SEAL rejects most of official account of final mission against Osama bin Laden

Population bomb: record Chinese corn crop still unable to satisfy demand

Over 1,500 Afghan civilians killed by U.S. special operations forces in 10-month span of night raids

Killings of U.S. citizens in Mexico hits eight-year high

Utah man poses as illegal immigrant to avoid drug possession charges

House Majority Leader Cantor financed by who's who of American plutocrats

Los Angeles schoolteacher fired for privately expressing during non-work time opinion on Zionist Jews

U.S. drone strike kills at least 29 civilians near Somali town of Hoosingow

Syrian ambassador says U.S. inciting unrest

Bahraini police use teargas, rubber bullets and vehicles to break up funeral procession for man beaten by to death by riot police

At least 10 killed by three bomb blasts in busy Baghdad market

Israeli president Shimon Peres says an attack on Iran increasingly likely

Ron Paul wins Illinois straw poll

Second Iraq war veteran hospitalized by Oakland police; victim gets lacerated spleen and booked with resisting arrest for trying to reach home

DV Advisors' Patrick Young says political disaster could lead to end of euro within the month

CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton drops bombshell: silver market experiencing manipulation

Government-owned mortgage finance company Freddie Mac seeking additional $6 billion from taxpayers after reporting $4.4 billion loss for third quarter of 2011

Niall Ferguson: U.S. making dangerous gamble with unchecked spending

Nouriel Roubini rumored to tell private audience that eurozone is crumbling

Adrian Salbuchi: attack on Iran by elite bent on world government can result in World War III

Police state: Pima County SWAT team kills 26-year-old former Marine in botched raid

DebkaFile reports Obama willing to attack Iran before fall 2012

Citizen, former Governor and Vietnam veteran Jesse Ventura denied jury trial in suit against Transportation Security Administration; calls judiciary "bunch of cowards" and vows "I will never stand for a National Anthem again" and "will be applying for Mexican citizenship"

Interior Department to issue proposal forcing revelation of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing on Federal lands

300-square-mile portion of Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier expected to break off in next few months

CIA broadly monitoring Twitter, Facebook, and other media outlets

Total U.S. debt now $14.973 trillion; fast approaching statutory limit of $15.194 trillion set in August

Ruling party urges Greek Prime Minister Papandreou to step aside

Global output of greenhouse gases jump for 2010

Treasury Department reports 2.3 million illegal immigrants paying no income tax in 2010 received $4.2 billion in tax refunds

Cuba announces new property law allowing buying and selling of real estate

U.S. drones over Pakistan and Somalia kill 127 people in two days

Paul Craig Roberts calls western democracy a farce and a sham

Seismic study finds high probability that hydraulic fracturing to extract shale gas triggered two northwest England earthquakes

Victory for fisheries and health: Federal judge upholds measures required to protect endangered salmon and steelhead from three toxic pesticides

Vegetation removal may have contributed to Oak Creek coal ash containment failure

Mercury and lead could enter drinking water supply in wake of Wisconsin coal ash spill into Lake Michigan

Earth Policy Institute reports U.S. carbon emissions down 7 % in 4 years; fall in coal and oil triggered by economic downturn

South Africa pursues poachers as rhinoceros killings accelerate

UNESCO releases blueprint for ocean sustainability; propose economic gain through habitat protection

France's Sarkozy tells Greece stick to "the rules" or leave eurozone

MF Global Holdings may have transferred customer funds to avoid detection by authorities prior to brokerage firm's collapse

Hugo Salinas Price recommends breaking "evil spell of paper" with clever silver monetization; Utah would be within Constitutional rights accepting silver currency

Imperial elite: collective net worth of Congressional members up 25 % in 2 years to over $2 billion; median worth of over $500,000

Detroit Mayor David Bing says city is in "extremely serious financial condition"; facing $150 million cash shortage

Concerned members of Mossad and Shin Bet may have leaked Israeli plans to attack

Police state: Florida man arrested, charged with communications interception for recording traffic-stop encounter with Pompano Beach deputies

Police state: college student arrested, spends 36 hours in police custody for lack of immediate identification

Israel's Netanyahu reportedly trying to convince cabinet of conducting pre-emptive military strike on Iran

Western officials predict International Atomic Energy Agency quarterly bulletin will provide fresh evidence next week of Iranian nuclear weapons program

Ignorant lunatic Herman Cain tells Fox News' Bill O'Reilly of intent to provoke Iran into war

Jim Sinclair: European mess can only be "damage controlled" by quantitative easing; gold desirable

Spooked: Germany and France demand quick Greek decision to stick with euro

Greek cabinet backs Prime Minister Papandreou's planned referendum on debt rescue package

Federal agents raid homes of four senior citizens in Georgia accused of plotting terrorist attacks

Investing guru Jim Rogers says "we still have serious problems... next time we have an economic slowdown it's going to be terrible... worse than 2008"

Federal Reserve's Bernanke says possibility of more stimulus "on the table"

U.S. Department of Agriculture reports preliminary August food stamp use rise of 8.1 % year-over-year

Institute for Supply Management manufacturing index dropped to 50.8 in October from 51.6 in September

Commodities trader Dan Norcini says inflation obvious in look at rising meat prices; Fed policy major contributing factor

Federal Reserve revises 2011 U.S. economic growth down by over 1 %; lowers outlook for 2012; raises inflation expectations

Occupy protestors move on Oakland port, Seattle banks

Veterans motivated by skull-fractured Marine rally to join ranks of Occupy protestors