As of Friday July 29, 2011

U.S. military commanders claim Iranian-made weapons killing American troops

Libyan rebel commander killed

Gold price objective of $1,880 according to Richard Russell

Paul Craig Roberts: U.S. has become a ridiculous collection of fools

Witnesses sought in beating death by Fullerton police

Mainstream climate scientists say latest research findings of Dr. Spencer neither new nor correct

Geoscientist finds Greenland ice sheet more stable than thought, Antarctic more prone to melting

"Mind boggling" loss of Antarctic ice

More polar bear cubs die as Arctic ice melts

Arctic heat wave, on course for record ice melt

Polar bear biologist from 2006 report under investigation alleges persecution, says oil companies pressuring Interior Department

Webster Tarpley: real President would call out debt ceiling as unconstitutional

Jay Taylor: gold will continue to rise, Government needs to allow depression to cleanse economy

Jim Rogers: Washington charade will continue, prepare for a lost decade

Young environmentalist sentenced to prison after making oil lease bid

Thousands of trees in Yellowstone to be chopped down to "preserve" the view

Hartwell group calls for climate pragmatism; lead by example, not by global governance

Air Force violating Posse Comitatus in Florida

Assassinated Iranian confirmed as nuclear scientist

Rural Americans now just 16 percent of population

Attacks on Iraqi security forces kill 15, wound dozens

Suicide attacks kill 19, wound dozens in southern Afghanistan

Dr. Roy Spencer: forcing and feedback entangled, clouds vary temperature, satellite data record mismatched with modeling

Mexican guns traced to ATF "gunwalking" operation

Jim Sinclair: gold will challenge $1,764

New attack on Constitution as ruling elite propose "Super Congress"

Election hijacked: new court filing reveals sudden and unexpected vote shift in Ohio's 2004 presidential election

Consolidation of seed companies leading to corporate domination of food supply

Sen. Rand Paul identifies major faults in Reid and Boehner debt plans; says spending cuts non-existent, add debt, no excuse for default threat

High-ranking official tells Congress that White House knew of ATF gun-running operation

TSA agent arrested after posing as police officer

War on the American Citizen: Fullerton California police beat mentally ill man to death

John Embry: massive shortage of available physical gold and silver

Up to 11 million mortgages still likely to default

Chicago Mercantile Exchange no longer considering Treasury bills risk free

Democratic Senators join in opposition of United Nations' gun control treaty

Ron Paul gets Iowa endorsements

Washington Post-ABC News Poll: public support for Obama crumbling

Internal division: Republican bloc won't support Boehner plan for debt ceiling and deficit reduction

International Monetary Fund says it may need even more cash

Jim Rogers shorting U.S. debt, says AAA status already lost

Representative King says Obama would be impeached if nation defaults

GAO audit reveals Federal Reserve created more than $16,000,000,000,000

Connecticut raises state income tax

Globalist leverage: Norway attacks add fuel to anti-nationalist fires

Obama's cousin says he is a liar

Norway shooter's intended target was former PM

Dollar falls to record low against Swiss franc

Gold hits new record high

China and India barter for Iranian oil

Pierre LaSonde: gold mania coming

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: economy destroyed by illegal wars

Norwegian gunman confirmed as Freemason

Playing God: British scientists create human-animal hybrids

Gunmen assassinate Iranian nuclear scientist

Colorado woman becoming folk hero in battle against TSA procedures

Florida TSA agent facing grand theft charges

Los Angeles TSA officer indicted on five charges of theft

Jesse Ventura sues Transportation Security Administration

Norwegian arrested in Oslo bombing and island shooting

Political cosmetics burying insolvency of global financial system

Homeland Security video urges suspicion of everyone, reports to authorities

Max Keiser: Germany is the welfare bomb, not Greece; crisis manufactured by banks

Citigroup: silver may rebound to test $100

Gang of Six plan increases taxes by $2.3 trillion over 10 years

Senate Democrats demand new taxes

Obama: I'm willing to sign a plan that includes tough choices

Mass layoffs making a comeback

Sean Boyd: expect $2,200+ gold and $60+ silver

Wall Street makes fallback plans for U.S. debt default

Americans relying on credit cards to pay for necessities

Claims rise for unemployment benefits

Bob Chapman: deficits and stimulus only delay inevitable collapse

TARP results: taxpayers lost $1.3 billion in Government bailout of Chrysler

Euro moves closer to collapse in debt crisis; bankers fear contagion

Congressional Republicans float idea of Constitutional Amendment for balanced budget

Christian Zionists gather in D.C. to support Israel; Israeli PM gives address; Glenn Beck rallies crowd

"South California" secession backer seeks statewide summit

Greece facing broad and persistent poverty

German Chancellor says quick euro deal unlikely

U.S. spy drone shot down over Iranian territory

IDF soldier points barrel of loaded assault in face of unarmed Palestinian

Police officers killed in Kandahar gun battle

Pepe Escobar: Washington spinning the strategic quagmire of Afghanistan

Journalist documents hundreds of civilian deaths from drone strikes in Pakistan

Globalist resistance: eco-minded Indian farmers rebuff foreign steel interests

United Nations declares famine in parts of Somalia

Austrian Freedom Party: Libya bombing unjust

Ron Paul: U.S. will default due to unsustainable debt

SIGAR Report: U.S. aid money may be paying for Afghan insurgency

Controversy in cosmic ray results for climate change debate

James Turk: expect wave of buying and short covering in gold

Newborn wildlife abandoned due to heat, drought

Heat wave across the U.S.

NOAA June Report: global average temperatures rising

UK Parliament says climate skeptic Monckton not a member of House of Lords

Americans warned of border bombings

Monterrey violence approaching levels at border

Twelve police, bystander killed in Mexico ambush

Congressional investigators learn that Mexican gun smugglers were paid FBI informants

Rasmussen Consumer Index shows 62% believe economy is getting worse

Gallup poll finds 36% of Americans have little to no confidence in banks

CIA asset kills brother of Afghan president

Robert Baer: Israel planning to attack Iran

Georgia police shut down girls' lemonade stand

Gingrich campaign over $1 million in debt

Obama claims overwhelming majority of Americans desire tax increases

Two $300 million Navy ships to be scrapped without a day of service

Legendary trader Jim Sinclair talks of $12,000 gold

Gold rises for ninth straight day

Spaniards mob to combat evictions

Ben Davies: gold will break $2,000 in next 4 months

Fund manager says U.S. default inevitable

Bernanke bombshell: gold is not money

Unraveling world order forces return to gold standard

Keiser: Obama has defaulted on the Constitution, social contract broken

Greece fallout: EU officials called to convene for emergency talks

Americans took on more debt for 8th straight month

Bill for U.S. taxpayers: $23.7 trillion

Expect more inflation, higher debt, housing prices to fall another 25%

Malaysia erupts in anti-government protests

State and local governments cut thousands of jobs in June

Drug war: at least 40 killed in Mexico in 24-hour period

Federal Government reaches 33 straight months of deficit spending

Labor Department June report: dismal hiring and rising unemployment

Congress considering Social Security cuts and tax increases

TSA worker caught stealing luggage

Mexican lawmakers seek trial for U.S. officials behind DEA gun distribution operation

White House: thousands of U.S. troops to stay in Iraq beyond 2011

Northern nations positioning in resource cold war

Libya rebels advance on two fronts

China hikes interest rates by 0.25%; third this year

U.S. now warns of surgically implanted explosives

Report: gross world energy output peak around 2050

Erste Group: near-term gold target of $2,000

Time magazine cover story attacks U.S. Constitution as obstacle to modern governance

White House Council of Economic Advisors' report shows weak results for money spent