As of Monday August 29, 2011

Massachusetts State Police shut down 12-year-old's tea stand

Indiscriminate Federal asset seizures rise

Neutron data shows Fukushima experienced inadvertent criticality; possible containment failure; Japanese government denial exacerbating disaster

Plot, means, and opportunity: FBI busy organizing most domestic terror plots via colossal network

Fracking for oil and gas could have caused 5.8 magnitude Virginia earthquake

Drought curbs U.S. 2012 wheat outlook

John Embry says price attacks don't change gold fundamentals

New York City Police Department in close partnership with CIA

Paul Farrell: "no growth" boom will follow global systemic collapse

Somali Prime Minister Ali expresses gratitude for Iranian humanitarian aid

National Science Foundation finds no research misconduct by climate scientist Michael Mann

Turkey claims hundreds killed in retaliatory strikes on northern Iraq

Chinese President Hu says strategy needed for protection of arable land

China plans for tighten regulations as oil platforms continue leaking

Libyan rebels seize Gaddafi's Tripoli compound

Dennis Kucinich: Libyan campaign has undermined international law, humanitarian mission betrayed

Tar-sands-pipeline protestors arrested outside of White House

U.S. to lead delivery of $2.7 billion of military equipment to Afghanistan

Nomi Prins: Goldman CEO Blankfein fears prison

Whistleblower says SEC has destroyed thousands of records to protect nation's financial criminals

Percentage of overdue U.S. mortgages rises to highest level of the year

James McShirley: gold suppression may be faltering

Jim Sinclair: $1,764 gold will trigger switch from arithmetic to exponential price rises; raised debt ceiling an absolute embarrassment; U.S. is slow train wreck; dollar's reserve currency status broken; banks lack balance-sheet integrity

Russian meteorologists report Arctic ice reduction

Widespread rioting in north London

Anti-government protests in Morocco

Yemeni opposition urge army to back revolution

Renewed clashes in Yemen between government forces and tribesmen

Roadside bomb kills 10 Afghan police

Frequent night raids generating support for Afghan insurgents

Clashes near crash site of U.S. helicopter in Afghanistan

Soldier sentenced to 3 years for killing Afghan civilian

Former Rep. Cynthia McKinney finds bold-faced lies in NATO's Libya action

Libyan opposition under attack near Zlita, Gadafi fighters move to retake Bir al-Ghanam

At least 25 children die of starvation in Mogadishu

Bob Chapman: continued U.S. economic function based on dollar debasement, fraud, and bogus statistics

Hundreds of thousands of Israelis take to the streets in protest for social justice

Peter Schiff: U.S. credit rating not low enough, Congress has brought nation even closer to fiscal armageddon

Bert Dohman: crisis coming in China, U.S. headed back into recession, gold set to go much higher

Defense Secretary Panetta raises fear of terror threats to ward off meaningful defense cuts

Top Chinese rating agency says dollar gradually being discarded by the world, process irreversible

Treasury Department objects to S&P's downgrade of U.S. credit rating

Border insecurity: Mexican military helicopter lands in Laredo, Texas

Federal agents raid organic food cooperative, strip shelves bare

Dr. Colin Campbell: get ready for simple, localized living as age of oil ends

Food stamp use up 12% from last year

Mob of young blacks attack whites at Wisconsin fair

NATO airstrike kills second son of Gadafi

Marc Faber: world economy rolling towards total collapse; suggests investors sell into rallies

Federal jury convicts five former police officers for Katrina shooting

Nouriel Roubini sees more than 50% chance of recession

Federal Government spending trillions to cover up damage to private economy

Richard Gage claims NIST investigating committee hid evidence in Building 7 collapse

Bank of America reaches settlement, released from mortgage abuse liability

Drug smuggler says tons of cocaine allowed into U.S. in exchange for information

GATA chairman: gold could top $3,000, banks trying to drive down price

Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley returns from Libyan trip; finds "rebels" represent whole CIA patsy milieu, Gadafi is very popular leader

Congressman Ron Paul calls Super Congress a "monstrous" idea

July temperature in Washington. D.C. unrivaled in 140 years

Monsanto-spawned superweeds out of control, destroying farm equipment

Vice President Biden joins Democratic peers in labeling political opponents as terrorists

London Metro Police encouraging public to report those with anti-government beliefs as terrorists

Congressional gun haters leverage BATF operations to draft new confiscation legislation

TSA agents caught stealing $100 from teenager, senior citizen's cell phone

Bob Chapman: U.S. missed its best chance to avert economic catastrophe 20 years ago; politicians won't allow natural economic cycles

Stephen Leeb: no doubt silver will breach $100

U.S. farmers relying on illegal aliens fear loss of labor

New York City funding Jewish vigilante groups

Arsenal of seized weaponry mysteriously vanishes from Italian navy armory

Russian PM Putin says U.S. a parasite on global economy

Health insurance companies required to provide free birth control

Lingering Chinese drought leaves millions short of water

Cross-border gunfight as Lebanese soldiers claim Israeli incursion

Intense fighting in Libya following death of rebel commander

NATO airstrike kills four Afghan policemen

Pakistani mercenaries recruited for Bahrain's suppression of uprising; Baluch nationalists urge non-involvement

Hundreds dead in Syria as government continues use of tanks in crackdown

Manufacturing growth hits lowest level in 2 years

Numerous clear signs of double dip recession

U.S. setting up for largest debt-limit increase in history

Ron Paul: cuts being discussed are illusory, Government spending will increase

Mark Meckler: We have compromised our way into disaster