As of Tuesday March 31, 2009

Vice President Biden pleads for patience on "immigration reform"

Chavez seeks backing for new petro-currency

Senator Kerry uses Mexico violence to push for tighter gun control

Russia, China cooperate on new currency proposals

Activists arrested in G20 "bomb plot"

Homeland Security Secretary delays immigration raids

Russia backs gold in new currency basket

Blowback: forced integration and European ethno-cultural suicide driving Austrians towards nationalism

Police state: activist-reporter kidnapped in New York City

Israel attentive to possible foreign sales of U.S. F-22 fighter

Mystery illness causing bloody deaths for calves on German farms

Chan Akya: moral bankruptcy of G7 countries translating into financial bankruptcy

Richard Daughty: Federal Reserve and Congress engaging in total fraud

Askari and Krichene: economic approach shows Obama's inability to distinguish "forest from the trees"

Maine bill would allow aliens to vote in local elections

Neoconservatives regrouping as "Foreign Policy Initiative" organization

Awakening group in Baghdad battle for second straight day

Obama decision intentionally guarantees military presence in Iraq beyond 2010

Israeli drones attacked Iranian convoys in Sudan

Gordon Brown's 1.4 trillion pound spending blueprint leaked

UK GDP suffers worst quarterly fall for 30 years

Credit card details of 19,000 British shoppers posted on Internet

Florida might scale back Everglades land deal

Kashmir's famous Lake Dal being steadily destroyed

Brazil builds wall around Rio de Janeiro slums

Controversy follows Texas bill allowing guns on campus

G20 marches begin week of protests in Europe

Corrupt U.S. Marshall executed in Juarez

Mexican army touted as "best hope" in drug war

Americans continue run on guns and ammo

Missouri retracts report linking militants with third party candidates

Iraqi troops order some Sunni Awakening Council members to disarm

London protestors "threaten" bankers

Brazilian president blames "irrational behavior of white people with blue eyes" for global economic crisis

Fleckenstein: difficult for Treasury to make its plan work

War profiteering: showers still fatal for troops in Iraq

$140 million and one pilot lost with F-22 crash in California

UN panel touts new global currency reserve system

Nouriel Roubini: stocks will drop and more banks will be nationalized

Constitutional chaos: Geithner to propose vast expansion of powers

Arctic meltdown is threat to humanity

Governor opens California fairgrounds to homeless

Labor Department reports ongoing jobless claims reach new record

Taliban suicide bomber kills 11 in Pakistan

Car bomb kills 16 in crowded Baghdad market

Israel admits killing 189 children in Gaza campaign

Obama obstructing war crimes investigation of former vice president

Iraqi government exists to steal

Human Rights Watch reports criminal use of white phosphorus munitions by Israel

Bin Laden denounces new Somali leader

Bomb kills 10 Afghan civilians

Russia considers deploying submarines to protect Arctic claims

Armed citizen kills robber in restaurant holdup

Oil persists 20 years after Exxon Valdez spill

Pharmaceutical residue found in fish across U.S.

Wilderness preservation bill passes in House

Obama plan for national civilian "army" passes first hurdle

Israeli commander confirms preparations for broad regional war

At least 32 die in violence across Iraq

India gets White House ear to push H-1B visa increase

China calls for new global currency

Ron Paul predicts dollar implosion and 15-year depression

Harvard economist says recession to last well into 2010

Albany County Legislature floats repressive ammunition sales law

Schenectady mayor considers martial law

Russian foreign minister says there is "no proof" of Iranian nuclear weapons

Earth under siege: only 1,411 tigers left alive in India

Banks loaning to insiders despite credit freeze

Israel continuing attacks on Gaza strip

U.S. drone strikes may be cementing Pakistani militancy

James Galbraith: financial crisis caused by culture of complicity

Guerrilla News Network: police state continuing under Obama

Latvia uses police to quash talk of economic collapse

At least 9 dead in armed clashes in Russia

World Bank warns of worldwide unrest

Overvalued euro set to plunge within months

U.S. Mint suspends production of most gold and silver coins

Peak water: experts gather to discuss resource eclipsed by demand

Water scarcity: resource will become precious commodity akin to oil

Illegal immigrant charged with murder in Missouri

Obama will back a federal Europe

Washington consider bringing Taliban into mainstream politics

Afghanistan on the brink of chaos

U.S. to appoint Afghan prime minister to bypass Hamid Karzai

U.S. to alter force array in Afghanistan

Congress sours on more bailouts

Shelby says Geithner may not last as Treasury Secretary

Israeli military condemns soldiers' shocking t-shirts

Murder in Gaza: Israeli soldiers recount crimes

Israeli soldiers admit killing civilians

Rights group names 1,417 Gaza war dead; two-thirds of those killed were civilians

60,000 British civilians bring trained by Home Office to spot terrorists

Crowded imperial domain: U.S. nuclear submarine collides with U.S.amphibious ship

Iraq freezes 66,000 new police hires

Iraqi family sues ex-Blackwater guard

Neocons move to extend PATRIOT Act

Stimulus plan already widely viewed as a failure

Resistance grows to Obama's plans for even bigger government

Democrats blame each other on AIG bonuses

Venezuela's Chavez calls Obama "ignoramus," at best

Iranian leader dismisses Obama offer citing lack of change

CBO sees $1 trillion deficits for next 10 years

Fleckenstein: Federal Reserve's latest move guarantees dollar disintegration

Medication nation: U.S. regulators approve Lexapro for depression in children

Popular economist realizes credit crisis was a heist

Missouri report on militias, terrorists draws criticism

Army investigating troop deployment into Alabama town

Kingsnorth report details shocking police campaign of intimidation against protestors

Senator Dodd hands blame to Obama administration for bonus amendment

Obama top recipient of AIG political contributions

IMF poised to print billions of dollars in global quantitative easing

Obama proposes to force private insurance for veteran care

Red light cameras assist profiteering but safety gains unproven

HR 875 aims to destroy independent, organic farmers

NIA warns massive inflation could hit U.S.

Sean Hannity says Christianity compatible with torture

Iraq show thrower sentenced to 3 years in jail

Missouri police report labels Ron Paul supporter, libertarians, and others as terrorists

Seymour Hersh: Dick Cheney headed unit carrying out assassinations

Ron Paul: culprits of financial collapse should be arrested, not given more power

Nobel-prize winner backs world currency

Justice Department investigates Arizona sheriff for enforcing immigration law

Corporations move to Switzerland in fear of Obama tax prospects

Obama's top choice for intelligence post withdraws candidature under attack by Israel lobby

National Guard under consideration for deployment to Mexican border

South Carolina Governor warns of Zimbabwe-style collapse of U.S.

Obama issues signing statement to spending bill

Top U.S. intelligence official says Iran not moving toward nuclear bomb

Scientists warn seas to rise faster than previously expected

Bill for wilderness areas loses in House

Terrorist watch list now has 1 million names

No change: Obama signs massive, "imperfect" spending bill

Over 1,000 British police officers remain on duty despite criminal convictions

Bank of England to begin printing money

Middle-class Irish face tax hikes to defend elite

House Speaker Pelosi already talking about next economic stimulus bill

Ocean of filth: volunteers collect 7 million pounds of beach debris

Oil prices rise to highest in 2 months

Canadian military to undertake domestic security missions

Imperial dilemma: manpower versus fancy weapons for U.S. war machine

Obama stung by dissenters in Democratic ranks

Six-month ban on fishing red snapper likely of U.S. Atlantic coast

Illegal immigrants remain fixture outside home improvement retailers

Jim Rogers says Government response making economic crisis worse

Police state: request for politeness met with pepper spray at U.S. border

Suicide attack in Baghdad targets reconciliation conference, kills 33

Iran to Obama: let's see real change in foreign policy

Obama economic team unwilling to punish crooks and fraudsters

NYPD officer among 4 charged in attack

"More bad news" on climate change

Effects of climate change take root in Missouri

Texas Governor on Posse Comitatus Act: I really don't care

10 dead, dozens injured in Iraq market bombing

Northern Ireland police officer shot dead two days after deadly IRA ambush

Asian Development Bank: global financial assets fell by more than $50 trillion in 2008

Obama declaring war on business

Obama administration upholds Bush ruling on wolves

Threefold increase in Afghan attacks

Obama to continue with signing statements

Fleckenstein: Government in process of making economy worse

Ron Paul disappointed in Rush Limbaugh

Sumatran tigers in losing fight against humanity

Russia to build new aircraft carrier

Roadside bomb kills soldier in eastern Afghanistan

Gaza-bound aid convoy attacked in Egypt

Commodity scramble: China invests in huge copper mining project in Afghanistan

China's greenhouse gas emissions threaten to double

UK Met Office simulations find only 50-50 chance of saving planet

Global resistance organizing for mass protests

Cocaine production surging; prompts review of Drug War

Mexican gangs delivering violence to Houston

Obama admits U.S. not winning war in Afghanistan

Britain's MI5 directly participated in medieval-style torture in Morocco

British soldiers killed in Northern Ireland after 12-year peace

Remaining 567 Circuit City stores close for good

Perfect storm: drought and recession hit Texas cattle ranches

12,000 U.S. troops to leave Iraq by September

U.S.-Mexico border violence spurs rise in armored vehicles

FBI launches raid on Sovereign Movement

Shantytowns return to America

Rep. Linder introduces legislation to end income tax and abolish IRS

States send warning to Federal Government

Ralph Nader: bottomless bailout

Suicide bomber targets Iraqi police, dozens killed

New York Government cracks down on private, low-cost healthcare

Russian scholar says U.S. will collapse in 2010

Revealed memos show complete disregard for the Constitution

Paul Craig Roberts: U.S. banana republic in 3 years

Secular shift in mood against consumption

Popular economist sees Obama declaring war on investors, entrepreneurs, and businesses

Swiss citizen-soldiers face loss of take-home weapons

Senator Byrd: Obama in power grab

Second U.S. soldier formally challenges Obama eligibility

Sheriff's deputy in Washington police beat 15-year-old girl