As of Monday February 23, 2009

British police prepare for "summer of rage"

Nouriel Roubini advocates temporary bank nationalization

Ed and Elaine Brown now facing conspiracy, arms counts

Paul Volcker: crisis may be worse than Great Depression

Abu Ghraib prison to reopen

Tom Ridge: U.S. torture is wrong

Hillary Clinton: Chinese human rights secondary to economic survival

Noam Chomsky: Obama gave OK for Gaza invasion

National Guard calls off Iowa invasion

World's economies tumbling like dominoes

China worries about dollar reserves; plan shopping spree for resources and goods

Rival drug gangs terrorize Mexican town

Iraqi who threw shoes at Bush due in court

Police foil bomb attack at Citibank in Athens

Border crossings to Mexico closed by protests

Swift, steep downturn crisscrosses globe

Federal Reserve downgrades projections for economy

Consumerism hurting consumers

Totalitarian Britain: new law effectively bars photographing police and military

Humans activity mimics one-two punch for mass extinctions

Stanford Financial charged with massive fraud

Obama OKs 17,000 new troops for Afghanistan

Congo town mounts own defense against rebels

Pentagon rethinks photo ban on war coffins

Scott Ritter: U.S. provoking another Cold War

Israel engaged in covert war inside Iran

Israel takes control of more West Bank land

Nuclear submarines collide in Atlantic

Senator takes harsh criticism for gun ownership

Insolvency on California's doorstep

Kansas suspends income tax refunds

U.S. military fitting the mold of imperial legionnaries

Paul Craig Roberts: Obama using promise of guns and butter

Military enticing immigrant recruits with promise of citizenship

1 in 9 housing units vacant in U.S.

South Carolina citizens coerced into surrendering firearms

Paul Craig Roberts: Obama deficits cannot be financed

Top trend forecaster see 2009 delivering "Greatest Depression"

White collar homelessness on the horizon

China to tighten management in face of water shortage

Tennessee Valley Authority chief admits coal ash spill was catastrophic

Russia to cut defense budget by 15%

U.S. may be repeating Soviet mistakes in Afghanistan

Economists say stimulus bill will not stimulate; worse than doing nothing

U.S. Marines find Iraq tactics don't work in Afghanistan

Afghan resistance shifting tactics to maintain effectiveness against U.S. forces

Blackwater mercenary outfit makes big public relations move

Latin American leaders say "no" to U.S. War on Drugs; cite 30 years of failure

Droughts illustrate dangerous degradation of global environment

Europe's economic fall greater than expected

Wind turbines in Europe do nothing for emissions-reduction goals

Toxic waste blamed for birth defects

Federal obligations of $65.5 trillion exceed world GDP

Stimulus bill a threat to health and freedom

Olmert: no Gaza truce without Shalit

Revolt spreading across the globe; wealth consolidation coupling with environmental degradation and police state

IMF confirms plan to sell 403 tons of gold

Roubini: U.S. banking system effectively insolvent

12-year-old British father highlights broken Britain

Global warming: study predicts fish moving to higher latitudes and numerous extinctions

Americans ponder their "duty" to spend and consume

U.S. court overturn ban on West Virginia surface mining; rape of land to continue

Congress sends $787 billion stimulus package to Obama

G7 reiterates "commitment to open trade"

Financial cycle started with domination by printing press

Global warming: going to the dogs in Greenland

China offers citizens consumer tickets

The "new" Fallujah: up close and ugly

Doubts cast over Swiss "race attack" claim

Economic doldrums send Hispanics scurrying to secure Mexican citizenship

Rep. Dennis Kucinich calls for debt-free dollars

40+ killed in Iraq suicide attack

Pakistan expresses anger over U.S. drone attacks

Gangs winning war for control of Mexico

West Antarctic Ice Sheet break up could cause disproportionate sea level rise

Apocalyptic climate predictions mislead public

Survey of earth experts finds climate consensus

Peter Schiff: world won't buy unlimited U.S. debt