As of Wednesday July 06, 2011

Pepe Escobar: Taliban takeover of Pakistan a ludicrous myth

NYPD officers accused of raping drunk woman

U.S. eyes ozone treaty to curb greenhouse gas

Obama disowns deficit spending

Defense Secretary Gates urges Congress to pass war spending bill

Talks on Guantanamo detainees' transfer begins

Arizona killing highlights public furor over speed cameras

Corrupt California sheriff sentenced to over 5 years and $125,000 fine

Bill Fleckenstein: recent rally fueled by reckless stimulus

Bill Bonner: depression still not in full force

Cato Institute fellow: U.S. should cut defense spending in half

Iran exposes Israeli-backed terrorist group planning wave of bombings

U.S. forces report killing 5 Taliban in southern Afghanistan

Swine flu: U.S. government declares state of emergency

Harman may have received taste of NSA wiretapping

Israeli president makes veiled threats toward Iran

Israeli defense minister beats war drums on Iran

New evidence of CIA torture prison near Polish airbase

Global warming: lack of sunspots may ease troubles

Totalitarian democracy: holocaust denier jailed in Austria

Police state Britain: UK Cabinet members mull abandoning ID card program

Renowned Polish pianist tells U.S. crowd to abandon missile plans

Former UK cabinet minister forecasts dire consequences for high taxes and reckless spending

Afghan police say Doab valley not recoverable

Taliban insurgents launch successful ambush U.S. patrol

At least 60 dead in Iraqi mosque attack

Jeremy Scahill: Obama's neoliberals steadily selling Afghan war

Tens of thousands sign petition for British Prime Minister's resignation

Brutal Britain: gang of children torture and leave boy for dead

Interior Department looks to overturn Bush-era mining rule

TARP watchdog says stress test for banks might be "useless"

U.S. pledges to "make up for lost time" on climate change

General Motors offers final plan

WHO official says it's "too late" to contain swine flu

Fiscal nightmare finally pushing California to curtail non-emergency healthcare for illegal immigrants

Obama legal team seeks limits on defendants' rights

Police state: reporter arrested trying to cover traffic accident

Legendary investor skeptical on U.S. stock recovery

Gerald Celente: America a fascist state

Obama not reopening NAFTA talks

Car czar under investigation for kickback scheme

Fannie Mae CEO nominated to run Treasury's TARP office

Department of Homeland Security report warns of "rightwing extremism"

Constitutional "suspension" nurtures border patrol thuggery

Jeffrey Sachs: Geithner-Summers plan even worse than originally thought

Massive checkpoint operation in Tennessee

Dubai: fundamentalist globalization yields social, fiscal, and economic nightmare

Iraqi bombers kill nearly 80 in suicide attack

Moderate Taliban leader warns Obama plan will make Afghan situation worse

Arctic sea ice thinning

Plans announced for global currency

America devolving into third-world nation

Depression prompting rebirth of backyard food gardens

34 killed in Baghdad bombings; first U.S. combat death in 3 weeks

Iran criticizes Obama; calls for U.S. to get rid of nukes

Big-time money manager charged with fraud

George Soros sees end of dollar as world currency

Defense Secretary Gates outlines spending overhaul

States move against in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrants

Obama spends big now, talks of austerity in 10 years

Obama says "committed" to no nukes but not in his lifetime

Property tax revolt brews as home values fall

Geithner covering up bank insolvency in fraud-driven collapse

Iraqi forces arrest more U.S.-allied Sunni guards

U.S. aircraft attack government-allied Sunni militants

Israeli non-profits "regroup" after Madoff scandal

Peak Oil: armies seeking to gain independence from fossil fuels

Slowing economic activity results in cleaner air in Beijing

Humane Society says delisting wolves from endangered species is premature

Inbreeding takes toll on Michigan's wolves

SC Governor stands by decision to reject Federal stimulus

11 found shot to death in Mexico

Unemployment soars to official figure of 8.5 % with real unemployment at 15.6 %

Several GMO proliferation bills introduced in Congress

Obama maintains intention with missile shield stations in Europe

False killer whales in sharp decline in Hawaiian waters

Amazon rainforest under threat from dam project

Developing nations face malnutrition amidst poor harvests, drought, and rising food prices

OECD reports unemployment will reach double digits in 2010

Military to participate in Tennessee checkpoint operation

Police state: TSA responds to recorded interrogation of "uncooperative" Ron Paul supporter

Ruling class: British MPs exempt themselves from ordinary citizens' tax liability

Man who died of heart attack during G-20 protests was clubbed by police, bitten by attack dogs

G-20 sets back action on global warming

Elephant seals help researchers study climate change; new data confirms widespread warming

Scientists say Antarctic ice shelf has disappeared

Ice bridge ruptures in Antarctic

Citizens protest NATO in Germany and France

"Liberal democracies" repressing opposition to NATO and G-20 scheming; press forward with global conquest

Juveniles continue preliminary engagements of race war in California

UN appoints Jewish investigator of Gaza war crimes

Israeli military chief says reports of Gaza wrongdoing "completely unfounded"

Financial industry paid millions to Obama economic advisor

Pro-bailout investor Warren Buffett revealed as major beneficiary of TARP

Estimated U.S. taxpayer cost for bailout jumps

Richard Daughty: buy gold to repulse monetary policy of brain-dead government

Pakistan says no foreign troops will be allowed

3 suicide attacks in Pakistan in 24 hours; dozens killed

NATO allies boost Afghanistan force

Chan Akya: G-20 summit piles folly on folly

Job losses continue to mount

FBI rejects Taliban claim of responsibility for Binghampton shooting

U.S. military now allowing temporary immigrants to enlist

New bill gives President control over Internet

Bill Bonner: New World Order means downfall of dollar and more

Obama hails the New World Order

Police state: officers in Chelsea, Massachusetts "forbid" photography in public parks

Police state: Phoenix officers raid home of outspoken police critic

G-20 protestors clash with police at Bank of England