As of Tuesday May 20, 2008

Israeli Army Radio reports Bush administration intent on attacking Iran

Police state: British government database to log every phone call, e-mail, and Internet visit

British scientists will begin research with human-animal embryos

140,000 U.S. troops to remain in Iraq beyond Bush administration

Insurgents attack across Iraq as troops enter Sadr City

Oil trading above $128 per barrel; Pickens cites Peak Oil

Dollar extends losses after U.S. inflation data

Oil settles above $124 per barrel

More budgetary strain as government disperses stimulus checks

Quarter of world's wheat at risk from new fungus

Libertarian Bob Barr enters presidential race "to win it"

Franken-science: researchers genetically modify human embryos

Bush to discuss oil prices with Saudi King Abdullah

U.S. ranks last on list of eco-consumers

Soil degradation adding to global food crisis

All roads lead to inflation and global bust

Civil War II: L.A. riot police break up 600-student racial brawl

NOAA scientists say pollution levels in U.S. waters falling

Israeli officials express concern over Hezbollah military might

Mikhail Gorbachev says, "Every U.S. president has to have a war."

At $120 per barrel, Americans facing oil adjustment

Truce in Sadr City fighting a test of influence

Lebanese army enters into brewing civil war

War clouds gather over Sudan and Chad

War on Drugs extending to salvia divinorum

House passes major, taxpayer funded, housing-bailout bill

Recently released document indicates aggressive aims of Bush Administration

Afghan National Army far from fighting fit

U.S. Air Force seeking mastery of space and cyberspace

At least 13 civilians, 8 Ethiopian soldiers killed in Somalia fighting

Deadly street battles intensify in Beirut; fears of Lebanese civil war

Iraqi defense ministry says Al Qaida leader arrested

Oil nears $123 per barrel; prediction of $150-200 in next two years

Turkish raids into Iraq kill 150

At least 10 people killed in fresh Baghdad fighting

Iraqi first lady survives attack