As of Monday March 31, 2008

Food stamp dependency signals major economic illness

Iraq militia battles stoke frustration and anger at U.S. and Iraqi governments

Basra fight reveals Iraqi Army still dependent on U.S. support

Fleckenstein: Time to reign in the Federal Reserve

Lesson un-learned: Treasury Secretary Paulson unveils plan to give Federal Reserve more authority

Shrinking Himalayan glaciers portend water and food crisis for India, China

India facing prospect of millions of "climate migrants" by 2100; Mumbai underwater

Climate talks underway in Bangkok as countries meet to forge agreement

Russian envoy to NATO condemns U.S. military aid to Kosovo in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1244

Somali violence sees at least 10 killed in Mogadishu

Germany puts the brakes on U.S. expansion plans for NATO

Europe struggles to save Iberian lynx

India acknowledges stagnation in agriculture; domestic food crisis reaching a boil

Countries cease rice exports to avoid shortfalls; prices skyrocketing

Tom Engelhardt: Bush leading the "little administration that couldn't"

Russia challenging U.S. hegemony in Middle East

Dutch realize mass immigration is biggest mistake in nation's history

Rhode Island to find and deport illegal aliens

Saddam's exile deal could have saved $6 trillion

Turkish forces kill at least 15 Kurdish fighters

Al Sadr orders militiamen off Iraqi streets; 270 killed in 6 days

Police state: civil authorities eager to employ airborne spy drones

Iraqi prime minister Maliki sets 72-hour deadline for Basra militias; death toll at 40

Mike Gravel joins Libertarians; cites corporatist, militarist, and imperialist views of Democrats

Ron Paul: discontinuance of failed policy begins with immediate withdrawal from Iraq

Entitlement tsunami: trustees warn that Medicare insolvent by 2019, Social Security 2041

Goldman Sachs: Wall Street may face $460 billion in losses

Global warming: vast Antarctic ice shelf on verge of collapse

Imperial bungle: U.S. mistakenly shipped fuses for Minuteman missiles to Taiwan

Engagements with Madhi Army militia across Iraq

At least 22 killed as Iraqi government forces battle militias for control of Basra

U.S. death toll in Iraq reaches 4,000

China facing renewed fuel shortages

Basic food and fuel prices soaring across the globe

Blasts destroy nearly 40 trucks on Afghan border due to supply U.S. forces

Brazil cracks down on illegal loggers after sharp rise in cutting

Jim Rogers: Abolish the Federal Reserve

Two Iraqi police officers killed as militias attack; fears truce won't hold

Imperial bureaucracy: Bush appoints new homeland security advisor

Police militarization: South Carolina police caught ramming suspects on foot with patrol cars

World can't kick the oil habit

Short supplies of coal can't satiate global appetite

Fleckenstein: Catering to the bailout nation means more debt added to economic crisis

Al-Qaida still impervious to western intelligence penetration

European Union considers sanctions against U.S. and China for emissions indifference

Thailand struggling to save Asian elephant

Supreme Court prepares to interpret Second Amendment

Confidence in the dollar plummeting

Federal Reserve provides financial backing for buyout of collapsed bank

Federal Reserve continues Wall Street bailout with rate cut

The hard truth: peak oil

Department of Homeland Security reports significant rise in deportations

Ireland being transformed by wave of immigrants

Hundreds injured in Kosovo clashes

Afghan suicide bomber kills three NATO troops

Suicide bomber kills at least 43 in Karbala; 2 U.S. soldiers killed separately

Fleckenstein: Federal Reserve cares nothing about capitalism, inflation or the dollar

Car bomb kills 18 in central Baghdad, dozens wounded; gunmen kill 5 others

President Bush threatens to veto terror surveillance bill lacking immunity

Foreclosures 60 percent higher than a year earlier

Gold moves past $1,000 per ounce

Oil surpasses $110 per barrel

Three U.S. soldiers killed in indirect fire attack near Nassiriya

Bush administration denies stifling dissent amidst resignation of U.S. Central Command head

National Academy of Sciences details impacts of climate change on transportation

War on Freedom: Florida lawmakers eager to be at forefront of banning the "next marijuana"

At least 42 civilians, 8 U.S. troops killed in Iraq violence

Satellite images show monarch butterflies' habitat loss; population could collapse

New study finds carbon output must be near zero to avert severe climate change

Vatican: Thou shall not pollute the Earth

Southern Baptist leaders accepting biblical duty to stop global warming

President Bush vetoes bill banning waterboarding

Iraq war cost estimates in the trillions of dollars

U.S. job market deteriorating

Five Mexican nationals among those killed at FARC base in Ecuador

Fishermen disappointed by smelt run; fish feared close to extinction

China assures it is not abandoning one-child policy

Farmers struggle to keep up with world food demand

Chinese divert remaining water from parched land to supply Olympics

Britain returning to reliance on coal

Doomsday legislation: handful of Congressmen could rule America in event of catastrophe

Wall Street banks facing "systematic margin call" in credit implosion

Climate change expected to spark conflict over Arctic resources

British government amassing DNA database through arrests of anyone 10 years or older

Gold continues push toward $1,000 per ounce

Israel announces plans for hundreds of new homes in occupied West Bank

U.S. average gasoline prices hit record high of almost $3.20 per gallon

Federal Reserve guaranteeing worthless money

Pentagon war machine readying for future war with China

National Guard to be pulled from New Mexico border; Government silent on reasoning

Soaring crime and mass immigration make white, working-class Britons fearful for the future

California court: parents have no right to educate children; children must be taught loyalty to state

Paved planet forces plants to evolve in ways detrimental to long-term gene pool

Extinction trade: endangered animals are the new blood diamonds

Dams revival expected in western U.S. despite pleadings for water conservation

India to spend $13 million in attempt to save remaining tigers

Israelis and Palestinians join to oppose separation barrier on behalf of wildlife

Wall Street riding high on collective fantasies

National Research Council: firearms database won't work

Pollution altering mating habits of birds