As of Sunday January 27, 2008

Chinese economy expected to consume majority of world's key resources within decade

Chavez urges withdrawal of reserves from U.S. banks

Crucial Iraqi allies give U.S. ominous warning

Patrick Cockburn's return to Fallujah reveals broken city

Britain struggling with immigrant crime wave

Native, white Britons fleeing high taxes, crime, and immigrant takeover

U.S. on the road to hyperinflation

Mexican truckers pose significant danger to public

"Resegregation" of schools "worrisome"

Kabul residents remain "on edge"

U.S. beefing up Guam as imperial outpost

Feds use intimidation to crush tax protestation

U.S. in role of wounded giant at Davos

Olympic teams vying to defeat Beijing smog

Hungry Tanzania refugees devouring endangered species

At least 22 die in northern Iraq explosions

Louisiana caucus sees strong finish for Ron Paul

Ron Paul unveils comprehensive economic revitalization plan

Study finds hundreds of false statements by Bush Administration leading to Iraq War

Bomber kills 18 at funeral in northern Iraq

Border patrol agent struck and killed by fleeing truck

Captured documents reveal new portrait of foreign fighters in Iraq

CERA denies peak in world oil production; study blames non-geological factors

U.S. central bankers running a command economy

Recession is coming

Economic recovery plans simply political pandering

Stock market continues dropping as economic angst persists

China reports global warming induced rise in sea level

2007 ties 1998 for Earth's second warmest year in past century

Scientists clone human embryos

Bush administration officials insist Chukchi Sea oil drilling will have no environmental impact

Regional instability: heavy fighting in Mogadishu kills 20

Suicide bomber kills 11 during Ashoura holiday observance

U.S. General testifies that Iraqi military won't be self sufficient until 2018

Robert Fisk slams President Bush's absurd appeal for Middle East peace

Subprime fallout: Citigroup, Merrill Lynch receive vital cash infusion from foreign investors

Subprime fallout: lender files for bankruptcy protection

Suicide bomber kills nine; three U.S. soldiers separately killed by hostile fire in Iraq

Disillusioned Israelis escaping to India

Israeli airstrike kills three civilians

CIA tape destruction "unauthorized"

Energy and food drive inflation to 17-year high

USDA asks farmers to hold off on clones already in the food chain

FDA says foods from cloned animals okay

UK government race relations chief acknowledges "white flight" increasing

President Bush urges Saudis to boost oil production

Israeli forces kill at least 18 Palestinians in Gaza

Arizona looking to bust illegal alien "drop houses"

Police state: FBI seeks international biometric database

Drug-resistant bacteria may soon be unstoppable

Patrick Buchanan writes, "the day of reckoning approaches" for this "subprime nation"

Troops to continue patrolling New Orleans until June

Ron Paul captures 18 percent of NH Republican youth vote

Study estimates 151,000 Iraqis dead since invasion from war-related violence

Gold approaches $900 an ounce

Nine U.S. troops killed at start of latest Iraq offensive

Thousands more U.S. troops ready for Afghanistan deployment

President Bush signs new gun control legislation

United States Congressmen give themselves $4,100 raise

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service considering further protections for polar bears

Iran urges United Nations to close its "nuclear dossier" to preserve credibility

Arabs see Bush as spectator to Middle East problems and uncommitted to peace

Ron Paul takes lions share of independent vote in Iowa Republican caucus

Spin and denial persist as global credit crunch causes financial markets to face the music

Globalization raises risks from emerging diseases

President Bush reiterates fealty to Israel

Israeli forces kill 9, blow up houses in Gaza

With guns banned, UK focuses on rising tide of crimes with knives

Global food crisis will begin in 2008

Peak Oil pushing oil to $100 per barrel and beyond

England now most crowded country in Europe

Recession fears rising on Wall Street

U.S. missile defense system may not be built as Polish foreign minister sees no threat from Iran

Retired Indian diplomat: Benazir Bhutto assassination casts shadow over U.S. regional policy

Hate crime charge rejected even after 9 black youths beat white woman and use racial slurs

Ron Paul's life may be in danger as establishment reportedly considers fallout of assassination

China becomes dumping ground for electronic waste

Torture and imprisonment of innocent people now regular practice in America

Desperate Iraqi families resort to selling their children

Juba, sniper of Baghdad, returns in new video

Iraqi soldiers shoot U.S. troops

Norwegian analyst warns of $150 per barrel oil

Odds are $100 per barrel oil is just the start