As of Wednesday February 27, 2008

EPA chief under fire baseless rejection of California emissions rules

Global warming: erosion prompts Alaskan town to sue oil and power industries for sea ice loss

Pollution turns Chinese river red and foamy

House discusses $15 billion housing bailout; transfer of risk to U.S. taxpayers

National Park Service study finds pesticides, heavy metals, and contaminants abundant in 20 U.S. parks and monuments

Military use of robots may threaten humanity

Oil pushes past $102 per barrel

Gold reaches record high of $967 per ounce

Suicide bomber kills senior Iraqi police officer

Iraq violence leaves 16 dead ahead of Shiite ceremony

Montana demands respect for Second Amendment; warns breach of statehood contract

Iranian ambassador talks of petro-ruble

Oil prices drive the cost of food

Bloody stalemate in Afghanistan

North American Union: voting your rights away

Canada and United States agree to use each other's troops in civil emergencies

Global warming combined with pollution and over-fishing leading to marine collapse

Iran calls for U.S. to apologize for accusations in wake of supportive IAEA report

Iraq urges Turkish withdrawal; soldiers possibly killed battling with Kurds

Ralph Nader running for president

Suicide bomber kills 40 Shiite pilgrims south of Baghdad

Fearsome bacterial outbreak among U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan

Gold reaches toward $950 per ounce

Climate change boosted by rapid industrialization of China and India

Police state: Miami-Dade to evaluate unmanned air vehicle

Terrorist paranoia: man arrested over box cutter in airport

President Bush says U.S. has no imperial designs for Africa

Iraqi medical system on brink of collapse

Madhi Army may soon end cease-fire; resurgence in Iraq violence possible

3 U.S. soldiers killed in Baghdad blast; 7 others killed in separate suicide bombing

15 Iraqi police killed by rocket explosion

Kosovo independence: Western recognition paves more ground for next Balkan war

Oil closes above $100 per barrel

Judicial cowardice: Supreme Court rejects ACLU suit against NSA warrantless wiretapping

U.S. suspends requests for conducting military strikes in Pakistan

Institutional militarism and paranoia: Air Force says U.S. air dominance at risk without massive spending increase

Rising probability of catastrophic financial and economic outcome

Paul Craig Roberts: paying insurgents not to fight

New book reveals Western propaganda machine; concerted strategy to manipulate global perception

President Bush pushes House to pass spying bill in step with Senate

Historical comparison suggests insect boom with rising temperatures

Experts fear Arctic sea ice will vanish

Fifty-fifty chance of dry Lake Mead by 2021

Senate votes to broaden spying powers; gives legal protection for warrantless eavesdropping participants

Report predicts 25 percent chance rising temperatures will kill thousands in UK by 2017

Immigration-driven U.S. population to reach 438 million by 2050

Baghdad car bombing kills at least 14

Subprime losses could reach $400 billion; several times admitted by Fed, Wall Street

Homeland Security easing background checks for immigrants to reduce backlog

Israeli minister calls for defense forces to "take off its gloves" in Gaza

Army buried critical but unclassified study of Iraq War planning

Trans-Texas Corridor steadily progressing despite opposition of U.S. citizens

Boston police set to begin warrantless searches for firearms

Death of Nature: heavy metals threaten gharials with extinction

February temperatures in Britain hit twice the seasonal average

Police state Britain: dawn raid on 12-year old boy over schoolyard scuffle; DNA samples and fingerprints taken

Virtual fence not stopping illegal alien invasion

Kosovo set to declare provocative independence

Cowboy folklore shows the puerility of the War on Terror

Iranian mastery of nuclear technology not sufficient grounds for reprisal

United States and Russia work toward lucrative nuclear trading agreement

Sunni Awakening Councils withdraw U.S. support in Diyala province; 5 U.S. soldiers killed

Up to 33 killed in Iraq car bomb attack; 15 dead in separate clash

U.S. sniper jailed for Iraq murder

Death of Europe: more foreigners become Norwegian

Sixty acres of tropical rainforest lost per minute

Pentagon's proposed budget highest since World War Two

Drought in southern United States causing widespread disruption

Russia reconfigures troops in response to U.S. missile shield provocation

Dollar denominated oil trading set to expire in Iran

Russian President Putin calls for major cleanup of Soviet-era pollution

Failure of arms control: disarmed Russian citizens at the mercy of criminals

Young Baptists becoming proponents of environmentalism

Morgan Stanley advises rich to buy remote retreat stockpiled with supplies

U.S. demanding more German troops for Afghanistan

Patrick Cockburn on the myth of much-touted Iraqi progress

OPEC rejects Bush's call for increased production

Five U.S. soldiers attempting suicide per day

Ron Paul: In opposition to the Protect America Act

Human borne diseases threaten to devastate great apes

Snipes cleared of serious tax charges, others convicted

Dire outlook for TIPS and bonds

Financial expert slams financial stimulus package and American command economy

Michael Klare highlights the link between oil and the burst of the housing bubble

Mosul braces for upcoming battle

Israeli Arabs protest closure of investigation into police responsibility in 2000 deaths

Sadistic soldier shoots and skins rare Sumatran tiger

Norwegians asked to tone down cultural intricacies to accommodate foreigners

Police state: cameras in UK with the commanding voice of Big Brother

Scores killed in Baghdad market bombing

Russia discusses nuclear first strike to defend sovereignty and territory