As of Wednesday April 30, 2008

Iraqi Army still not up to the task

Pentagon orders development of new attack plans for Iran

Peak Oil: modern agriculture at risk for lack of fertilizer

U.S. troop deaths in Iraq push monthly toll to 7-month high

America's paper-tiger economy "weak but not collapsing"

Israeli aircraft strike Gaza

Israeli tank shell kills mother and four children

Baghdad clashes leave dozens dead; Green Zone shelled

Analyst forecasts $10-a-gallon gasoline

Peak Oil: Canadian study finds prices to double by 2012

U.S. scraps $20 million prototype of virtual border fence

Iran agrees to further clarify nuclear aims with IAEA

General Petraeus to be nominated to lead Central Command

Credit crisis: U.S. regulator fears wave of bank failures

Chinese coal reserves dropping

President Bush defends North American Free Trade Agreement; calls for other agreements

American terror overkill: student charged with attempting to use "weapon of mass destruction"

Playing God: scientists hope to control weather

Warehouse food clubs limiting sales of rice

American shoppers asked to limit rice purchases

Americans begin hoarding food amidst calls for regulatory limits

Defense think tank: climate change could lead to endless global warfare

Era of cheap food ends; starvation, high prices, and shortages here to stay

Airlines post losses amidst escalating fuel costs

American engineer indicted on spying for Israel

Army and Marines accepting more convicted felons

Mexican president sings praises of North American Free Trade Agreement

50 percent of LA workforce immigrants; one-third uneducated and 60 percent don't speak English

South Carolina sheriffs back jail plan for illegal aliens

U.S. housing market continues to soften

Euro moves to $1.60 against U.S. dollar

Crude oil surpasses $118 per barrel

69 % of Americans disapprove of President Bush; worst rating in 70 years

Police state: Federal law enforcement agencies to collect DNA from everyone arrested

Suicide bomber kills 42 at Iraqi funeral

Israeli assault ends with 18 Palestinians dead

Iraqi units abandoning posts in Sadr City

Crude oil passes $114 per barrel

Peak Oil: unrest grows alongside global hunger

Peak Oil: Brazil excited over 33-billion-barrel oil field

Pollution destroying aroma of flowers crucial to pollinators

Israel refuses to protect Carter during visit

Eleven Afghan police killed in ambush; others killed in separate incidents

Blowback: U.S. makes Somalia an "African Iraq"

G7 officials look for "rapid implementation" of plan for global finances

Peak Oil: USGS estimates 4.3 billion barrels in enticing Bakken shale formation

Alan Greenspan seeks to defend reputation as destructive Fed policy becomes apparent

Colorado landowners grapple with methane extraction

Bombings in Iraq kill dozens; hundreds of Iraqi troops and police dismissed after failed offensive

Americans squeezed by rising food costs

UN soldier killed in Haitian food riots

Commercial salmon fishing cancelled off California and Oregon

Hunters and anglers unite to fight global warming

Corporations bottling water deplete vital resource

World Bank president calls for action in face of food riots

U.S. and Iran engaging in "secret" nuclear talks

Phoenix mayor asks FBI to investigate tough immigration stance of sheriff

Housing bubble pop going global

Credit crisis: Citigroup, Merrill Lynch reveal $15 billion in losses

Bush administration now seeking global warming bill

Saudi king says some oil being saved for future generations

Iran not fighting proxy war in Iraq

Paul Craig Roberts: American economy fading, government the largest employer

Ron Paul: surveillance state emerging

Israel responds with tanks, troops, and aircraft following Palestinian raid

CDC official: climate change will degrade health

Middle class feel worse off than 5 years ago

Small Second Amendment win: Florida passes self-protection measure but conflicts with property rights

Haitian food riots lead to coup talk, looting

Bernanke sells Bear rescue well, foreshadows doom for economy

Stephen King: politicians playing surrogate parents

Oil and gas hit new record highs

Confidence in retirement savings is crumbling

Taxpayers to shoulder burden as Congressional bills seek to place Government in middle of housing trouble

GAO: millions wasted by Federal employees on Government credit cards

Petraeus: another surge "pretty remote", progress of Iraqi forces still "very mixed bag"

20 more Iraqis die in Sadr City clashes

Bush administration proposes oil drilling in endangered whale habitat of North Aleutian Basin

Governments getting desperate as global food supply drops

Fleckenstein: more power to Federal Reserve is "putting the fox in charge of guarding the hen house"

Basra blast kills 8 Iraqis

Kosovo fallout: emboldened Hungarian minority press for autonomy in Romania

Largely inconclusive NATO summit; alliance still searching for next enemy

Climate change altering seasonal disease patterns

Lancaster University study finds no significant link to Sun with current global warming

NASA's Hansen finds emission targets too modest to avert climate disaster

Climate change expected to increase cataracts

Africa joins Asia in urgent scramble for rice supplies

American evangelist pledges $6 million to Israel

Iran urges departure from petro-dollar

British workers pushed out of labor market by mass immigration

Panicky Federal Reserve fears aftermath of U.S. depression

Cuidad Juarez turned into battle zone by Mexican drug cartels

Absolut vodka advertising campaign depicts "perfect world" of southwestern U.S. ceded to Mexico

Vicious Hispanic street gangs continue penetration of America

More states battling national identification card

Food riots in Haiti

Russia experiencing baby boom amidst declining population

State Department renews mercenary group's license

Iran concerned over strife in Iraq

Iraqi leaders call for all parties to disband militias and surrender arms

Rocket fire kills 3 U.S. soldiers in Baghdad, 17 wounded; new clashes with Mahdi Militia kill 20 Iraqis, 52 wound

Jubak: Wall Street bailout is a scam