Demonizing Iran's Ahmadinejad and assaulting the principles of free speech

Senior Bush administration official, "I hate all Iranians."

Global warming spurs bedbug epidemic in Great Britain

Majestic tigers driven to extinction: India's great cats need miracle to survive

France considers moves to reduce climate impact

Famed journalist Seymour Hirsch says Iran threat a farce, Bush accepts ethnic cleansing, and media is a failure

U.S. leading supplier of weapons to the developing world

Peer review of owl recovery plan reveals political manipulation to favor logging

Burmese use Internet to battle government

Former ambassador Bolton calls for attack on Iran

Peggy Noonan: Americans should not fear talking to opponents

Moment of true shock and awe: deflationary depression meets energy crisis

Police state: Chicago announces "advanced video security network"

Senate approves more debt for America

Ron Paul campaign becoming grassroots retaliation by citizens against Federal Government

Passionate, young voters flock to Dr. Paul

Bush turned down Saddam offer for exile and peace

Jewish group rejects Paul for disobedience to Israel

Defense Secretary envisions long-term presence in Iraq

Saudis hint at U.S. war with Iran

Illegal aliens sue city over arrest, detention

Bush administration wants $190 billion to continue war in 2008

Wave of violence in Iraq claims 59 lives

IRS to begin "special audits"

District court judge: Patriot Act violates Fourth Amendment

America simply trying to save face in Iraq

Taser guns becoming favorite weapon in war on American public

Agricultural runoff tied to frog deformities

Students discover Paul is the candidate for a free society

Greenland ice sheet melting at faster rate

U.S. develops 14-ton super bomb for Iran attack

Climate change increases fire risk in the UK

Cheney considered Israeli attack on Iran to provoke retaliatory strike

Iraqi government expanding investigation in other Blackwater shootings

Arctic sea ice shrinks to smallest area on record

Norwegian explorer observes major changes in polar landscape since 1990

Federal Reserve action subsidizes risky loans and creates artificial capital

Citigroup analyst says $1,000 per ounce gold would be unsurprising

Gold prices surge as dollar continues to drop

Paul finishes third in Michigan straw poll

Dr. Paul inspiring growing base of fervent supporters

Pat Buchanan: America caught up in the hype of terrorism

Illegal alien advocates rejoice as New York State no longer requires proof of citizenship for drivers licenses

Congressional bill would bar post-traumatic veterans from owning guns

Oil possibilities behind new British territorial ambitions

Paul campaign to stream live video from Chicago rally

Ron Paul buzz in Michigan

Paul Craig Roberts: American hegemony slipping away

Federal Reserve move will sink the dollar and drive inflation

Jimmy Carter acknowledges hype of Iran threat

U.S. dollar tumbles further against Canadian and the euro

Saudi Arabia fears dollar collapse, signals preparations to break currency peg

Oregon high schools adopting Mexican curriculum

Credit derivatives expert foresees bear market of epic proportions

Treasury Secretary asks Congress to raise debt ceiling for 5th time since 2001

Flooding displace hundreds of thousands in 17 African nations

T. Boone Pickens sees $100 dollar per barrel oil on the horizon

Oil surpasses $82 per barrel

Commuters losing two and a half days a year to traffic congestion

Federal Reserve drops interest rate, opts to boost inflation, reward reckless lending and borrowing

Army Corps of Engineers restores and recreates Mississippi river islands

Ex-Reaganite says today's America lacking voices independent of powerful interests

Pollution and human activity wiping out freshwater mussels

Greenspan told White House removing Saddam "essential" to securing global oil supply

Thaw in Siberian permafrost accelerating global warming

Dr. Paul inspiring new civil rights movement

Iraqi government orders infamous mercenaries out of Iraq

Silicon Valley "geeks" turn out for Ron Paul

Utah crowd gathers for Ron Paul

Global warming to melt famous, Chinese, snow-capped mountain

Lake pollution in southwest China getting worse

CIA veteran says U.S. not acknowledging drivers behind terrorism

Federal Marshals arrest supporters attempting to reach Ed Brown

French foreign minister: prepare for war with Iran

Tuvalu islanders becoming climate refugees as rising oceans swallow homeland

More than 1,000,000 Iraqis violently killed since 2003

Global warming opens Northwest Passage for first time in recorded history

Israeli incursion into Syria possible dry-run for Iran attack

Bank run in Britain

Housing fallout creates bank chaos in the UK

Scores arrested in D.C. anti-war demonstration

Congressman Paul warns of approaching economic and constitutional crisis

Former Shell chairman says world "sleepwalking" into Peak Oil

Justice Department chief: 9/11 attacks spawned authoritarian state

Key sheik killed in "pacified" Anbar province

Immigration amnesty slipped into farm bill

"Mishandled" nukes over U.S. may have been destined for Iran

Debating the success of the U.S. troop surge

Israelis kill fighter loyal to Fatah as Hamas thwarts bombing

Flooding devastates large parts of Africa

Defense Secretary Gates denies oil as driver of Iraq War

Former Federal Reserve chairman acknowledges Iraq War "largely about oil"

Triple bomb attack kills dozens in Iraq

Ron Paul as candidate 2.0

Supporters flock to Ron Paul at Los Angeles rally

Microchip implants induce malignant tumors

Checking reveals Dr. Paul has his facts straight

Bin Laden surfaces to threaten Iraq escalation

Ron Paul versus the American oligarchy

U.S. nurturing Indian military

Loss of confidence in banks makes commodities shine

Dollar at fifteen-year low against major currencies

Ron Paul invited to make speech at prestigious school of international studies

U.S.-backed death squads ravaging Baghdad

Shockwaves from melting icecaps triggering earthquakes

Industry wastes $40 billion worth of natural gas with flaring

Turkey finds evidence of Israeli bombing of Syria

Planet heats up as rainforests are cut and burned

Ex-CIA official expects U.S. attack on Iran

India's nuclear submarine program confirmed

Britain's misguided attitude on guns

Christians against coal mining

Polar bears facing death sentence

Mexican cargo trucks now roll freely into U.S.

GAO faults Bush on global warming disinterest

U.S. district judge says Patriot Act "offends the fundamental constitutional principles of checks and balances and separation of powers"

John Birch Society scolds Hannity's insult to Ron Paul

FOX News' Hannity angered Dr. Paul wins text-message vote, discounts validity of channel's own poll

Virus suspected in massive bee die-off

Israel threatens to cut water and electricity to Palestinians in Gaza

Military massages statistics to portray Iraq surge as effective

Eight U.S. troops die in latest Iraq violence

Ron Paul wins Maryland straw poll... and New Hampshire and Alabama and Washington and North Carolina

Violence looms in Zimbabwe amidst inflation and hunger

Law enforcement struggles with criminal aliens constituting over 25% of federal prison population

Paul sticks to his guns against rivals

British hand over Basra to Shiites

Human Rights Watch condemns "indiscriminate Israeli airstrikes" during summer war with Hezbollah

USGS determining if Arctic worth fighting over

Tropical Chikungunya virus now established in Europe

Global warming becomes too hot for BBC

DePaul University bows to pressure, non-Zionist Jewish professor ousted

Surging population, spreading deserts hit global food supply

Africa's parks under siege, failing wildlife

Germans foil "new 9/11", save Ramstein airbase from "profound hatred"

British labs soon to start freakish human-hybrid research

Ministers accused of frightening plotting to record DNA of every British citizen

Stocks, bonds, real estate have long way to fall

California faces water restrictions amidst heat wave

American bomber mistakenly flies with nukes on board

Federal judge blocks enforcement of immigration law

Militant Hispanic supremacists press Kansas City over illegal alien opponent

Mystery investor bets $4.5 billion on stock market collapse

U.S. generals say Iraqi police "not viable", call for disbanding entire force

Numerous armed forces engaging in complex battle for Iraq