Illegal aliens make up more than half of San Diego burn unit occupants in wake of wildfires

Ron Paul makes headway in Iowa

Coal-powered plants spread despite climate crisis

Latino gangs racially cleansing Los Angeles

Nature Conservancy restores Oregon wetlands

Housing inventory at nine-year high and growing

Federal Reserve cuts funds rate for second time in six weeks

Gold breaches $800 an ounce

Oil touches above $96 per barrel

University of Delaware students required to undergo ideological indoctrination, includes gross bias against whites

U.S. Army stacked with foreigners awaiting citizenship

Army to probe Iraq contracts for fraud

Southern California wildfires reveal failure of aggressive and continuous suppression policy

China to conduct field survey for tigers presumed extinct

114 of 392 primate species on Earth threatened with extinction

Putin compares U.S. missile defense in Europe to 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis

U.S. military effort to bolster Sunnis raises Shiite government's ire

Britain's Lord Ashdown says NATO has "lost in Afghanistan"

Achieving victory in Afghanistan a Sisyphean ordeal

Kangaroo court: American military lawyer breaks rank, gives scathing criticism of Guantanamo legal proceedings

British rabbi acknowledges multiculturalism has killed liberal Western democracies

Extremist Jew David Horowitz speaks at Columbia University during so-called "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week"

Rumors of Syrian reactor surround Israel's September strike

Guerilla News Network's Stephen Marshall identifies new liberal menace in America

British special operations engaging in firefights within Iran

Gold price set to soar after production peak and amidst global disorder

No end in sight for America's housing decline

U.S. dollar hits fresh lows, worth less than Canadian

British cops shot to death innocent Brazilian because he "reacted precisely as... a suicide bomber might"

Poisoned ex-Russian spy was paid British agent

UN issues "final wake up call" on environmental collapse, humans exceeding planetary carrying capacity

German environment minister fed up with American irresponsibility and indifference

Diminishing oil supplies spurs U.S. Air Force to seek alternative energies

Oil surpasses $92 per barrel

Canadian Arctic attracts world's attention in quest for oil

Demand for water now exceeding U.S. supply

American proxy war: heavy fighting in Somali capital

American soldiers practice "search and avoid" missions amidst low morale

Illegal aliens stealing food and supplies from San Diego's fire evacuees

U.S. soldier shot dead north of Baghdad

Iraq: 13 dead in Baghdad bomb attack

Clashes in Pakistan's Swat valley

Turkish-Iraq talks on Kurdish militants fail

Norwegian defense minister sees no Russian threat, skeptical about U.S. missile plan

Establishment candidates for President entertain Iran war

Education bill containing illegal alien amnesty fails in the Senate

Turkish military operations escalate in northern Iraq

Over three quarters of a million names on U.S. Government's terrorist watch list

Germany's Energy Watch Group says global oil production has peaked

Congressional Budget Office says wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could cost $2.4 trillion

Legendary investor abandons the dollar

U.S. home sales fall to new lows

No more probable cause: police plan random stops for DUI crackdown

Military police train for domestic pacification

America needs a recession

Intellectual fallacies of the War on Terror

President Bush ramps up the hysteria in speech to National Defense University

Central Bank of Iran reports dollar departure complete

Mercenaries irk American soldier and Iraqi alike

FOX News' Sean Hannity discredits networks' own poll after Ron Paul victory

Global warming means water crisis for America and the world

Swiss voters fed up with immigration's social destruction

Scientists play God in effort to control hurricanes

Anti-war voters planning Iowa and New Hampshire surprise

Chicago debates surveillance cameras mounted on street sweepers

New York Governor orders issuance of driver's licenses for illegal aliens

Unchecked growth catches up with Atlanta in midst of drought

Tax protestor describes torture in first phone call

British MP says weapons expert murdered to hide truth in road to Iraq War

Pat Buchanan says U.S. has restarted the Cold War

U.S. arms industry backs Hillary Clinton with huge contributions

Ron Paul takes third place in Values Voter Summit poll

Police taser man for filming illegal search

Paul seeks to remove abortion from Federal purview

Middle American war hawks greet Paul at Values Voters Summit

Ron Paul as "political insurgent"

Evidence of terrorist hysteria: TSA screeners miss huge percentage of bombs

Masked street fighters attempt to derail Swiss nationalists

Former U.S. Representative Findley says Israeli interests dominate American foreign policy

UN panel finds "contractors" are mercenaries, U.S. denies conclusion

Resource wars: Britain readies claims to Antarctica

President Bush warns Iran will start World War III

Banks looking to put band-aid on deep credit wound, postponing inevitable disaster

Homeland Security realizes the obvious: corrupt Mexican troops routinely violating U.S. border

New York University study finds terrorist threat in U.S. overblown

Turkey to approve military foray in Iraq

Israeli Likud party says they won't share Jerusalem

Grist magazine interviews Dr. Paul on energy and the environment

California Governor Schwarzenegger signs de-facto semi-auto handgun ban

Christians speak out for Ron Paul

Bees decimated by human activity; implications dire for crops

Scientists urge cuts in cod haul to prevent fishery collapse

Ron Paul disciples successfully spreading the word in New Hampshire

Drought grips southeastern U.S.

Oil surpasses $86 per barrel

Baghdad bomb kills 9, wounds 13

Federal agents attempt to sabotage New Hampshire freedom movement

Human rights official fed up with UN failure to check Israeli abuses in occupied territories

America's fortress "embassy" breaking all records

Michigan man arrested for "passing out 9-11 CDs"

Iraqi Minister of Human Rights wants trial for Blackwater mercenaries

Europe under siege: racial tensions rise in immigrant-swamped Switzerland

Retired Air Force colonel urges soldiers to disobey rogue administration and uphold Constitution

Turkey debates incursion into Iraq

Discount airlines new mode of travel for illegal aliens

Michigan students warm up to Dr. Paul

Ron Paul revolution brewing in Arizona

Bush administration rushes to the defense of illegal alien rapist murderer

Russian President rejects war mongering over Iran

Ed Brown held in secret location awaiting "transit"

Ron Paul draws crowd in Nashville

Marshals pose as patriots to arrest Browns

Enraged policeman kills six people after being called "worthless pig"

Qatar oil minister says real and fair oil price is over $100 per barrel

Peak Oil warnings ignored

Totalitarian democracy: British boy brought up on terror charges for choice in reading material

Study: 38 million illegal aliens in the United States

Israel "blinded" Syrian radar to conduct sneak attack

Europeans urge halt to dollar inflation

Declassified memo bolsters assertions that Israel deliberately attacked U.S. warship in 1967

Paul doubles from second quarter, only Republican to report increase in donations

Ron Paul receives over $5 million in donations for the quarter

Sweep nets illegal aliens in Los Angeles

Nevada business illegally flies Mexican flag

Citizens seek liberty as Vermont secessionists convene with League of the South

Israel running Zionist indoctrination program for aspiring foreign militants

Jena 6 protestors, politicians, and media avoid reality of social breakdown

Oklahoma state senator stands firm against NAFTA superhighway

Woman cries, "You're hurting me!" minutes before found dead in police custody

Alabama news station discovers Ron Paul

Mercenary leader defends comrades before Congressional panel

President Bush dismisses invitation to speak at Iranian university

Deadly germs mishandled in laboratories across the country

Senate approves $150,000,000,000 for war in 2008

Domestic spy satellite postponed

NYC mayor says public wants to be watched

New books: War on Terror is war on American civil liberties

Neoconservatives' mental impotence facing the Ron Paul Revolution

Woman mysteriously dies in police custody

Gamblers put Ron Paul's odds at 6 to 1

Report reveals murderous actions of Blackwater mercenaries

The New American interview with Ron Paul