As of Sunday December 02, 2007

Steroids use rampant among Blackwater mercenaries

Ethnic fracture continues as youths riot for third night in France

U.S. troops kill 5 at roadblock, 9 Iraqis dead in other violence

Paul Craig Roberts: Buchanan, Wolfe correct on American demise

Patrick Buchanan foresees "Day of Reckoning" for America

WMO says atmospheric carbon dioxide levels highest ever recorded in 2006

European Union brings well-intentioned totalitarianism

Global warming forces debate over relocation of imperiled species

Weather related disasters increasing in frequency and severity

No contingency plan for worldwide drought

Thousands of Americans harassed at U.S. airports

Immigration and immigrant births send UK population soaring

Expert CIA veteran interprets bin Laden message very differently than Western propagandists

Man takes criticism for simple act of neighborhood defense

Netherlands no longer Dutch from suicidal immigration policy

Border Patrol finds success simply enforcing the law

Carnage in the wake of Baghdad blasts

At least 8 Iraqi police killed in surprise attack

Opposition in Norway to use of nuclear energy for gas development and extraction

Secrecy surrounds Houston police test of unmanned aircraft

Huge reserve created for endangered bonobos but long-term funding needed

Ron Paul finding numerous supporters in Nevada

Supporter shells out $85,000 for own Ron Paul ad

Supreme Court to consider Second Amendment case for first time in 70 years

Oil surpasses $99 per barrel in after-hours trading

Rep. Murtha slams White House for scare tactics on war funding

Former White House Press Secretary says Bush and Cheney misled public

Technology alone will not solve energy crisis

Scientists create Frankenstein crop that produces fish oil

Bush administration prepares multi-billion dollar sale of arms to Saudi Arabia and neighboring Gulf states

Overfishing and development turning Mediterranean into marine graveyard

Panic looms in global financial crisis

British citizens trapped in Fortress Britain

Saudi minister warns dollar could collapse with widespread oil pricing in euros

Boston police launching warrantless search program

British police state now requiring papers for domestic travel

Kosovo Albanians itching for independence and war

U.S. dismisses IAEA report confirming cooperative Iran

Hundreds of thousands of whites abandoning Britain under immigrant crush

White man takes flack for black deaths in defense of his home

Army desertion up 80 percent since Iraq war

Poland to pull troops from Iraq in 2008

Mass grave found in south Baghdad

Mexican President inserting himself into U.S. immigration politics

Japanese whaling fleet defies 1963 international moratorium

Turks exploring new partnerships and warmer relations with Iran, Syria

Hugo Chavez: Iran attack will push oil to $200 per barrel

Human activity leading to "abrupt and irreversible changes" to planetary climate

University of Maryland releases evaluation of economic costs of inaction on climate change

Experts discount mythological "suitcase" nuke

Iraq and Afghanistan wars could cost $3.5 trillion over next decade

Thousands of returning U.S. soldiers suffering from mental illness

75 percent of world's bear species in danger of extinction

Most of San Francisco Bay oil spill not recoverable

LAPD plans to map areas susceptible to "violent, ideologically based extremism"

Justice Department to re-open probe of warrantless wiretapping

New York Governor Spitzer abandons plan to issue driver's licenses to illegal aliens

Ron Paul successfully selling ideas without slick image

Dyncorp mercenary kills Iraqi cab driver

Foreclosures wiping out wealth, property values drop by $223 billion

Bank of America announces $3 billion in bad debt

Industry insiders expect worst recession since 1930s

World Wide Web catapults Paul campaign

Ron Paul breaks into the light as champion of freedom

Antarctic free-for-all in the making

Tax protestor details beatings and secret court dates in prison letter

Danes begin to recognize perils of unchecked immigration

DNA age confirms racial differences do exist

Belgium nears closer to linguistic breakup

Greenpeace identifies palm oil demand as principal driver of climate change

World experiencing first demand driven energy shock

Food crisis looms as climate change and Peak Oil make impact

Critical bio-weapons expert receives Belgian protection from U.S. and British assassination threats

A deal is a deal: Germans reject Israeli requests additional reparations

NATO troops caught in deadly Afghan ambush

Radiation damage enormous in Congo dumping

Mediterranean bluefin tuna fisheries pushing species to extinction, moratorium urged

Contemporary fiscal lesson is obvious: stick to gold

Gold well on target to hit $1,000 an ounce

Congressman Ron Paul versus Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke

At least 18 killed in Iraq clashes

Illusory calm in Iraq

Crises spread on periphery of Iraq War

Heavy fighting erupts between Ethiopian and Somali forces

Illegal aliens cost Tennessee taxpayers $285 million annually

Mayor opposing illegal alien invasion easily wins re-election

Report shows Congress routinely fails to read text of massive legislation

U.S. intelligence community split on Iran "threat"

Pentagon insider laments Constitutional coup "heading toward an insane operation"

Persistent volatility: Dow fall 361 on credit fears, oil nears $100 per barrel, gold at $833.50 per ounce

2007 is deadliest year for U.S. troops in Iraq

Money talks: Ron Paul validated and vindicated

Centre for Strategic and International Studies: Give up militarism and War on Terror fear-mongering

Survey finds Americans overwhelmingly oppose benefits and privileges for illegal aliens

Evangelical Christians embracing environmentalism

Chicago police taser 82-year-old woman

Outpouring of donations draws new attention to Ron Paul

Chinese coal plants yield environmental and health catastrophe

Investors brace for oil to break past $100 per barrel

Independent, grassroots campaign yields millions for Ron Paul on Guy Fawkes' Day

Mercenaries snuck silencers into Iraq