As of Saturday January 05, 2008

10 Palestinians killed in Israeli strike on Gaza

U.S. Senate adds Iraq war money to budget bill

United Nations: world food supply dwindling

Wheat price hits record as global demand depletes stockpile

Israel has no "smoking gun" on Iran "threat"

Retired FBI agent disputes effectiveness of torture techniques

Police brutality on the rise since commencement of War on Terror

Congressional Budget Office finds U.S. on unsustainable path

Inflation complicates Federal Reserve's recession fight

U.S. anti-missile launch may trigger retaliatory strike

Russia jockeying for union with Belarus

Alarming rise in ocean's acidity

Phoenix furniture store parking lot becoming illegal alien "battleground"

Establishment considers repercussions of Ron Paul assassination

Ron Paul receives millions during Boston Tea Party "money bomb"

Bush obstructionism sidestepped at Bali climate talks

Threat to world from Israeli nuclear weapons

U.S. backing Turkish incursions into northern Iraq

Britain formally transfers control of Basra to Iraqi army

Israeli checkpoint abuse rife

U.S. producer prices surge in November

Pressure builds to cut Army tours to 12 months

Britain shifting to offshore winds farms by 2020

Magma hotspot may be contributing to melting Greenland ice

Climate scientist says, "The arctic is screaming."

21 rare gharials die mysteriously; poisoned river suspected

House passes $696 billion defense policy bill

California town rejects Blackwater training camp

Oil-rich nations must cut exports to meet rising domestic demand

French president continues to rattle saber on Iran

Franken-science: South Koreans clone glow-in-the-dark cats

President Bush eager to "celebrate progress" in drug war

CIA admits failure to keep Congress "alerted and informed" on torture tapes

Oil jumps back up to $94 per barrel

Defense Secretary asks for more NATO help in deteriorating Afghanistan

Lebanese stability undermined by assassination of top general

Triple bombing in southern Iraq kills at least 41, wounds 150

CIBC economist: U.S. must conserve energy

Bombings across Iraq kill dozens; 3 U.S. soldiers die in insurgent attack

Suicide bombing leaves 13 dead in Afghan capital

Desperate coral reefs salvage effort via electric stimulus

Scientific consensus: unequivocally warming climate with at least 90% certainty of human culpability

Climate peril: Papua New Guinea villagers' eager to talk experience with rising seas

OECD on global warming: exposure to coastal flooding could triple by 2070

Outlook for U.S. dollar worsens

Human encroachment spurs talk of "too many bears" and culling

Millions face foreclosure over next few years

Bush steadfast on threat of Iran despite embarrassing new intelligence report

NIE report says Iran abandoned nuclear weapons program in 2003

End of nature: Indian authorities kill tiger amidst relentless human encroachment

Death of Europe: French reluctant to discuss incompatible foreigners

National debt growing $1,000,000 a minute

Unfolding crisis of industrial society now under way

New intelligence assessment finds Iranian weapons program ended in '03

Ron Paul supporters nearly drown out Giuliani address

Supreme Court to further decide on Guantanamo detainees

Chinese Petrochemical Corp competing to build Alaskan gas pipeline

U.S.-led nations consider further Iranian sanctions

Russia goes to the polls; early results show Putin's United Russia dominating

Arab oil producers squabble over dollar peg

U.S. war vets to speak publicly about war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan

Top scientist urges moratorium on development in the Alberta oilsands

Death of Europe: France rocked by rioting immigrants

British gas bills expected to rise 15 percent in '08

Mortgage industry contemplates "homeowner rescue plan" with Treasury

Man dies of bird flu in China's Jiangsu province

Climate summit begins in Bali

Earth's tropical belt widening with dire implications

Federal Reserve bankers internally at odds on rate cut

Britain tied to U.S. economic fate

U.S. credit crisis extends to Norway

Dollar crisis is problem for the world

Commodities values set to skyrocket driven by population, climate change, and fiscal turmoil

Warlords and gangs replace British army in Basra

Iraqi resistance waiting out U.S. "surge" effort

U.S. renews calls for Iraqi reconciliation

U.S.-backed Iraqi government loses legitimacy as Bush administration pushes "progress"

Smear campaign against Ron Paul reveals nervous establishment

Israel presses punishing fuel cuts on Gaza

Israeli strike kills 5 in Gaza

Broad Iranian options in event of U.S. attack

Eritrea-Ethiopia border war brewing

Gun battle in Jammu and Kashmir raises question of responsibility

Afghan army to increase size by nearly three-fold; U.S. will supply arms

Turkey carries out "intense intervention" in northern Iraq