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Is the Constitution Party Selling Out?

by Michael Chapdelaine


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The Constitution Party has recently offered up Alan Keyes as a possible nominee for the presidency. This warrants scrutiny from anyone seeking safe haven from the destructive takeover of the Republican Party by assorted debt-spending apologists, federalists, Keynesian economists, Zionists, imperial globalists, evangelical dominionists, and social anarchists embracing the illegal-alien invasion.

Admittedly, the exceedingly principled, composed, articulate, energetic, and intelligent Keyes has some commendable positions – like ridding the citizenry of the income tax, permitting school choice, and imposing tariffs – and this author has praised him before. Indeed, this review is more of the Constitution Party for their vacillation; Keyes’ positions, though sometimes unpalatable, seem well rooted. Nevertheless, he is an unsuitable choice to represent a party claiming Constitutional obedience and espousing Old Right philosophy.

Keyes’ strong theocratic flavor assuredly seduces like-minded elements within the Constitution Party. Yet, his foreign policy positions – like steadfast support for Israel and an assenting voice regarding the manufactured War on Terror and continuing with its hell spawn, the Iraq War – are fully inconsistent with the humble non-interventionism and anti-militarism advocated by the party. This is not a trivial difference and may be irreconcilable; Keyes' outlook is in opposition to the seventh principle of the Constitution Party. Moreover, if he were to alter his foreign policy outlook now, it would be suspect.

Should one take Constitution Party consideration of Keyes as a sign they’re courting a new fancy? Do they hope to snatch up the religious right to expedite the rise of the party? It could be that all bets are off. As described in Green Libertarian Nationalism: A Healthy Direction for America, a broad swathe of so-called conservatives currently suffer from:

These symptoms suggest many so-called conservatives have a tenuous grip on the implications of the term “conservative” in political philosophy and limited knowledge of or little appreciation for the boundaries and intent of the Constitution. In other words, it is one thing to claim the mantle of “conservatism”, “patriotism”, and “constitutionality” and another to abide the implications. Unfortunately, today’s brand of conservatism has become more an unapologetic cult of masculinity for a nation emasculated.

Patriots in the Enlightenment mold must ask:

  • Is the affliction spreading and being embraced by the Constitution Party?

  • Is the Constitution Party any more dedicated to America’s constitutional framework than the Republican Party is to functioning as a republic?

  • Is the America First Party or Libertarian Party a better alternative?

The candidate that the Constitution Party needs would be more akin to Patrick Buchanan or Ron Paul.

If, however, Keyes receives the nomination, perhaps it signals a welcome trend toward staunch environmentalism within the Constitution Party. After all, Keyes is a devout Roman Catholic, and the Vatican has recently affirmed pollution of God’s green Earth is a sin.



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