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How Do You Spell Traitor? R-a-n-d?

by Michael Chapdelaine


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June 7, 2012, a day that will go down in political infamy. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky, son of Presidential candidate and Congressman Ron Paul of Texas, has announced his endorsement of Mitt Romney while appearing on Fox News' Hannity show.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

This feels like betrayal; perhaps not of his father Ron but certainly of his father's supporters in the liberty movement. His fervent supporters are perhaps naively shocked but certainly rightfully incensed and disheartened by this development. The "cult" of Paul is shattered and Webster Tarpley's description of the Paul campaign as "controlled opposition", for which Tarpley received a cavalcade of criticism and insult from some Ron Paul supporters, appears all the more prescient.

Now, let it be clear, this does not undo Ron Paul's excellent voting record in the House of Representatives, consistent message of liberty delivered over decades, and willingness to frankly discuss a range of key national issues from the Federal debt to foreign misadventures. However, it raises a number of serious questions and deep concern.

While those dedicating themselves to the Ron Paul campaign continued seeking delegates for the Republican national convention, because as Ron stressed, the fight was not over despite his cessation of competing for primary votes, Rand concluded on live television, "the nominating process is over, tonight, I'm happy to announce, that I'm going to be supporting Governor Romney." Pardon? What about campaign communications rallying all for the convention? What about donations the campaign collected under the pretext of Ron Paul being in it to win? What about the sweat and tears for the cause? Ron Paul's supporters funded and labored to build, carry and spread the movement. Rand's political rise only took place because he had their shoulders to stand upon; now he's stepping on their heads like an ingrate.

Rand goes on to describe Romney as being "right there with us" on the issues. Come again? The Ron Paul Revolution has never sought to advance exceptionalist foreign policy and pre-emptive war, surrendering civil rights for security, indifference to corporate malfeasance, massaging current tax structures, and granting amnesty to illegal aliens.

Attention Rand and Ron: true believers are not going to buy this! It's conceivable that the Paul family was made an offer they couldn't refuse; but, at face value it looks more like an unnecessary and unwanted compromise, or worse, a power-charmed move toward establishing a political dynasty. In any case, it is a sharp, although not lethal, blow to the body of the Revolution that will not be forgotten.

Those in the trenches of the liberty movement are done voting for the lesser of two evils. They joined the fight to tackle real issues. Even if a Cabinet position for Ron or the Vice Presidency for Rand materializes, are we expected to sleep with the enemy?

Making backroom deals with the authoritarian corporatocracy could prove to be a severe miscalculation for the Pauls and their political strategists. Ron Paul's supporters are not going to, nor should they, fall in line behind Mitt Romney and join Rand on the Romney campaign trail.


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