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Get Out of the Dollar: Here Comes the Amero

by Michael Chapdelaine


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I enjoyed playing tennis as I often do with my short-time friend, who I’ll call Ed on Sunday morning, February 1st. I change his name and refrain from divulging too many details about him to keep him out of jeopardy.

Between rallies, Ed and I regularly converse; sometimes I gratefully listen as Ed offers instruction and advice related to tennis, and at other times we talk about weightier topics. I knew Ed to be an accomplished and well-traveled fellow that is full of good observations and thoughtful opinions.

Amidst putting racket to ball, we began chatting about the state of the economy, leading me to comment on the state of a certain European economy; Ed is a European by birth. The topic shifted to European demographics and cultural suicide, to the global population dilemma, to fossil fuel and resource depletion, and then to business prospects in “green” technologies. I was impressed by his depth and breadth of knowledge.

After previously saying he was not at liberty to elaborate on a prior point related to a business venture, Ed then said as he approached the net to gather a stray ball, “Hey, here’s a piece of insider information that’ll blow your mind.”

Interested, I headed to meet him in the middle. I prodded, “Oh yeah, what is that?” I had a bit of skepticism, as increasingly, less and less “blows my mind” these days.

Ed continued, “The [U.S.] dollar is going to be destroyed. They’re going to replace it with what’s called the amero.”

“Yeah, I know,” I concurred, “I’ve heard of that.” For the reader who is unaware, the name “amero” is that which is given to the unifying currency for those nations occupying the North American continent, specifically, Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The amero is based on the idea of the euro, the common currency in the European Union.

My friend went on, as though I didn’t get it, “It [the amero] already exists. They’re trading in it now.”

I queried, “No shit?”

Ed nodded as he gave council, “Get out of the dollar; they’re going to let it completely devalue.”

“Gold?” was my supposition for safe haven.

Ed agreed, saying “yeah, gold is great.”

Saying goodbye to Canadian dollars, American dollars, and Mexican pesos is not the sole objective. Adopting the amero is a step subsequent to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) foretelling something even more sinister, the end of the United States. Our sovereignty and the last vestiges of economic autonomy will be gone, the republic formally dissolved. In its place: the North American Union (NAU). In the confines of the NAU, bureaucracy will rein, citizens subjugated, cultures erased, and ecosystems pillaged without opposition.

Of course, treaties like the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation (NAAEC), North American Agreement on Labour Cooperation (NAALC), Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America; organizations like the North American Development Bank; and infrastructure projects like the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) are all components of the merger.

Now, the amero and NAU are not necessarily news to many patriots. In fact, it has been lazily covered by mainstream media. For instance, former Mexican president Vicente Fox, while appearing on CNN’s Larry King Live on October 8, 2007, acknowledged the plan for a singular North American currency, referring to his and President Bush’s support for the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). He called it a “first step” toward “a new vision” for the Americas, “like we are trying to do with NAFTA.”

The significance of my story is that it is personal; further confirmation of the amero from an insider. Until that day, I had held to hope that it was rumor and misperception.

I offered, “Ed, I’ve got to get you on my show!”

He seemed a little unnerved, asking, “What show?” I had never told Ed about my own activist site, so I gave him an overview of Truth Alert.

He continued, “No, no, I couldn’t do that. The people I work for wouldn’t like it. They’d be like ‘what the fuck are doing, man?’”

I returned to the baseline and we rallied again. As we took a break and headed for the bench, I asked, “Well, who do you work for?”

With a bit of hesitation he answered, “The EEDC.” My eyes probably widened despite the brightness of the morning Sun.

For the reader who is unaware, the EEDC is the initialism for the European Economic Development Council, another manifestation of the greater globalist machine.

We continued the discussion and I lamented the downfall of the free Republic. Thinking aloud, I rhetorically asked, “How can it happen?”

He remarked, “They can do it because Americans are so stupid. The people have no idea what’s happening, all they care about is their flat-screen TVs.” I concurred with respect to the blurred reality engendered by our consumer culture.

Onward went our comparative observations. As Ed described it, “we’re already in a depression.” I agreed and carried it further. He concurred with my analysis of the drivers of the emerging police state, even going so far as to advocate positioning oneself away from big cities as a sensible move for “when the riots hit.”

We shared a laugh at the gullible masses who voted for Barack Obama and his promise of “change”. With half his administration coming from the Bush camp and the other half from the Clinton camp, it’s really a scumbag-all-star team. We agreed that there is no change, only reaffirmation of the status quo and the corporate takeover of government. Meanwhile, advocates of true change – like Ron Paul and Ralph Nader – struggle to be taken seriously.

For years, group-thinking economists and financiers disregarded the expositions and warnings of contrarians such as John Williams, Peter Schiff, Bill Fleckenstein, Bob Chapman, Jim Rogers, and Nouriel Roubini. They should feel vindicated.

Federal Government action in response to the credit crisis and attendant economic upheaval makes sense in light of their willingness to devalue the dollar. They’ll recklessly inject trillions of dollars into the system because they don’t plan on maintaining the currency.

As we transitioned our discussion further, I grumbled, “The problem is that government is just a criminal enterprise with legal cover.”

Ed responded with a smile, “Exactly.”



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