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Fresh Casualties of Imperium in Fortress Chicago

by Michael Chapdelaine


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This week police in Chicago arrested a group of alleged terrorists of domestic origin. It is a travesty; the Founders of this once great nation revolted over less. It's yet more evidence that government has, quite clearly, gone rogue and is in a tepid war with the people. This is tyranny flying in face of the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments to the Constitution.

The National Lawyers Guild representing the accused summed up the situation nicely: "extremely sensational" and part of "the fear campaign to deter people from getting out to protest in the streets" and "an entrapment to the highest degree." Indeed; no warrant followed by eighteen hours in custody without being informed of the reason(s) for having been arrested, not being read the Miranda Warning, denial of phone calls and contact with counsel, whereabouts unknown, and politically agitating commentary from one's captors. Altogether, an approach and conduct that wouldn't be unusual in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia because it's meant to discredit legitimate protest and condition the public to consider those that protest a hostile threat.

The very same group now facing charges of terror recorded a video posted on YouTube of their vehicle stopped a week earlier, followed by police questions, taunts, harassment, and then threats to crack their skulls. Police officers are heard saying they "can't wait" to get at them in the streets of fortress Chicago!

It's a setup, America, "entrapment to the highest degree." It would be an exhaustive list to compile all the ways that our rights to assemble and to petition for redress of grievances have been abridged. This ongoing posture and authoritarian behavior has potentially grave consequence. As John F. Kennedy said, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

"No protests, dog! This is America!"

The American people foolishly traded their liberty for the illusion of security from a manufactured threat and today everyone is a "terrorist" at the authorities' discretion and pleasure and government from local to the Federal level does whatever the hell they want -- like the "no spy no fly" program. This, again, is tyranny. Nevertheless, when rocks and Molotov cocktails get tossed at riot and security forces in places most Americans couldn't point to on a map, establishment media talks about it like it's quaint to see foreigners standing up to the powers that be; but, we would call it domestic terrorism here. Three cheers for the Arab spring! Now sit down and shut up.

Fear campaigns are a distraction from reality. The reality, for instance, that NATO operations are, of late, offensive in nature. The reality, for instance, that the U.S. is coordinating distribution of material support to terrorists. The reality, for instance, that the biggest existential danger -- like an airliner being brought down -- to the average American is operative totalitarian government. The reality, for instance, that yet another former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent has claimed that America's former most wanted, Osama bin Laden, died of natural causes 6 years before the spectacular Navy SEAL raid announced in early May of 2011.

You say, "wait a minute, what?" or maybe "that's crazy."

It is not, to those not comatose from a steady cerebral diet of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Jersey Shore, the first time to have heard the revelation that the 2011 killing of bin Laden was a psychological operation aimed at the American people. Dr. Steve Pieczenik (the man upon whom the popular Tom Clancy character Jack Ryan is based) spoke at length in an interview two days after the raid that bin Laden died of natural causes (albeit in 2001) from a condition known to U.S. intelligence. Or, former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, who said in a 2007 interview with Al Jazeera that bin Laden was already dead. She was assassinated a month later before the general election in which she was a leading candidate. Coincidence or causation? General Hamid Gul, former Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence chief under Bhutto during her first term as PM in the late 1980s, also called the reported U.S. assassination of bin Laden a "nice piece of propaganda."

Osama bin Laden already being dead for 5 to 10 years would certainly explain why the U.S. simply couldn't do the logical thing: take the purported head of the world's most dangerous terrorist organization alive, garner loads of valuable intelligence, and put him on trial! It would also explain the burial-at-sea scene in Act IV of this drama.

By contrast (the question of whether justice was served aside), U.S. forces managed to capture fugitive Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to subsequently face trial in at least a kangaroo court. And, when Hussein's sons Uday and Qusay were killed (though first surrounded and given the option to surrender) after sustained resistance, corpses for examination and photographic evidence was publicized for the purposes of confirmation of death to all and closure for the Iraqi people. Similarly, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the "architect of 9/11," was also taken alive. Apparently, the folks at Stratfor didn't buy burial at sea either.

Moreover, the SEAL commandos that raided the compound didn't live long thereafter. Oh so conveniently, they'll never be able to elaborate on the operation, even decades from now. Coincidence or causation?

Even if bin Laden was alive on May 1, 2011, killing him doesn't make sense unless one considers how undesirable his testimony would have been with respect to everything from U.S. foreign policy to his history as a CIA asset. After all, Delta Force managed to snatch warlords alive via helicopter from more heavily and actively defended buildings in Somalia way back in '93; but, now we no longer can do that kind of operation?

Meanwhile, we're now busy with Libya redux, running guns into Syria to equip Al Qaida against the secular government while Saudi and Qatari intelligence forces detonate car bombs in Damascus. Pretty soon, we'll have another foreign policy "success" story in the perpetual spread of "democracy." At least, a distraction from the cultural-moral-economic-fiscal-political implosion of our nation.

So, what are a few young American activists among all the legal, ethical, financial, and human casualties? Eventually the straws may break the camel's back.


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