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Physicist Richard Muller on affirmation of human-induced global warming, The War and Peace Report, Democracy Now! (08/02/12)


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Crapshoot: The Gamble with Our Wastes


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Welcome to Truth Alert, the red pill of essential news aggregated from across the globe and analysis with gravity. I focus on the issues neglected and downplayed by mainstream media to provide parity and put them in a context of convergence toward catastrophe for civilization and planetary life support systems; confronting the lies, repression, and distortions of the current power structure and systematically dismantling the modern political paradigm predicated on mass ignorance.

The United States of America is in precipitous and alarming decline. As numbed purchaser consumers, we have become preoccupied with and distracted by disposable goods and entertainment. Economic determinism, consumption, and international pseudo-capitalism are the operative drivers in America and increasingly the world today; immediate gratification, fast and easy money, and maximization of profits by any and all means.

The populace has been indoctrinated through mass media toward the pursuit of frivolity, flash, riches, and fame. Voluminous trash replaces spiritual substance, emotional maturity, and intellectual development. In this prison of the mind, the national and global status quo is acceptable to most so long as each consumerís personal and immediate world is satisfactory and undisturbed.

The stability and grandeur is an illusion.

The reality is willful and ultimately grievous sale of conscience and consciousness; enslaved. Greed and selfish preoccupation sours national heritage, the environment and communities. Our sense of civic duty is lost and the law of the land, our Constitution, has been reduced to a footnote amidst systemic corruption and widespread injustice.

Good, proactive citizenship entails more than mindless, flag-waving cheerleading and reciting slogans like "Support the troops." Our Forefathers envisioned a grand Republic; but, it demands an informed and engaged citizenry, not a mob of ignorant fools. In most cases, this means an educated suspicion of government and its motives, particularly at the highest levels, to root out and expose those who would abuse their power position and use the law to their advantage.

Used by Permission, © Micah Wright

In no way should our patriotism be defined by unflinching support for immoral wars, acceptance of unjust and Constitutionally repugnant laws, subservience to government policies, loyalty to the contemporary administration, or acceptance of an "official story."

Social, cultural, and political barriers are in place preventing coverage and frank discussion of a litany of critical national and international issues in mainstream media. Truth Alert smashes through the barriers to analyze the interplay and tackle the dire implications of wars of aggression, corporate dominance, demographic shifts and mass migrations, manifestations of human-induced climate change, a growing energy deficit accompanying the arrival of peak oil production, skyrocketing national debt and a falling dollar, the spiritual void and moral morass attendant to consumer culture, and more.

The Young American Patriot by Vladvitek (

To contend with these converging catastrophes, the free Republic is under assault from within. Our political leaders are taking us down the road to totalitarianism and authoritarianism. The police state is a manifestation of coming calamity.

Truth Alert is a veritable weapon because it offers powerful information. The most important tool in the struggle to regain and retain liberty, human dignity, and civility is a vigilant, intelligent, informed body, possessing a state-wary attitude, and a thorough understanding of both the driving forces behind events and their consequences.

Fear not, fellow citizens, dissent is patriotic.



































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